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Fat Tire Review Thread: Tires > 3"

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  • Originally posted by Siddhartha Valmont View Post
    This will not be a review as I just have installed it and still waiting for the proper snowfall to put it through its paces (or just a dry day to try it in the forest ).

    For this year, I wanted a big volume tire for the snow conditions (and other sloatation situations). I managed to find a reasonnably priced Maxxis Colossus 26x4.8.
    Seems to be around the same lines in volume and weight as our good friend the Surly Lou.

    It is another beast making the Jumbo Jim looking medium-sized.
    As usual, there are plenty of reviews on the internet for more tech details and review.

    I will post an update after a ride or two to give more feedback on how it is on a unicycle.

    And in the meantime, have fun rides !

    Note: I installed this baby tubeless as my first tubeless on a uni and it seems to hold its own (the rim is very grabby so it won't go anywhere and should not burp short of the rim splitting in two). This will have to be accounted also for the future comments as a small tube stretched should feel differently than a tubeless setup. We will see...
    And yes, the discoloration was there when I received the tire but does not seem to affect the tire (and most probably will disapear in favor of smow/mud/insert-sticky-surface-here.
    Looks sweet! The discoloration comes on all the Maxxis Fat tires, it comes off after a few rides. That wheel must be super fun to ride! Now show us what it looks in your frame!
    Jakob F.


    • Originally posted by Siddhartha Valmont View Post
      My go-to tire for riding year-around (short of very funky cases): the Schwalbe Jumbo Jim 26x4.0. In order to keep things not too flimsy, it took the Snake Skin version for just 100g more (still under 1100g) :P

      Big disclaimer: if you are a low-pressure-style rider, this is not a tire for you. I am 69 kg / 152 lbs and I am running it somewhere between 1.5 to 2 bars (22 to 30 psi). It feels as easy to pedal offroad as you would do on a bike path (short of the usual challenges) but with the tread and volume :P
      I am not a climber and I started to enjoy climbing a bit
      The tread is not very deep but it is sufficient for the most common rides.
      I bought such a Jumbo Jim for my Triton. I managed a compromise about pressure (not too bouncy, not too squirrelly). So I think it's ok.
      now the down side: the real width is 11cm (4,3 inches!) on a Surly large marge so it's extremely difficult to fit it in a Triton frame (you'll have to manage a RCH width on each side... so far I am on my 4th try to fix it precisely)
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