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Nimbus D-brake -vs- Mountain Uni UCM brake mounts

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    Originally posted by mowcius View Post
    You can't? I thought you just needed to use a 160mm front adaptor?
    I was getting a unicycle prepped for a trip, Shaved down a d'Brake to use it with a Schlumpf and KH cranks. I was originally going to use a 180mm disk like I usually do but both my spares seemed to have disappeared. I "borrowed" the 160mm disk from my bike and when I tried using the 160R/180F adaptor flipped there were clearance issues at the bottom. I could not find my 160F adaptor, It was probably with the disks and a few more odds and ends I seem to be missing. It fit fine on the UCM.

    I had thought that I had run a 160mm disk before so was surprised. You are probably right that I just needed the 160F adaptor.

    Between the UCM, the d'Brake, and the custom Triton frame I had I don't necessarily remember all the combinations I have tried.
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      Mountain uni?

      I find interesting this thread...
      What's mountain uni site to buy?
      Someone spoke about square cranks with disc brake... where I can buy one?!? Does exist Sinz 125mm square-cotterless crank which could fit a disc brake? Where to buy in Europe?[\OT]


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        Mountain Uni doesn't have an active website anymore. there are some old pages here:

        I believe Jeff, who runs it, may have some parts (UCM, Cranks, Discs) still available. I will PM you his email.


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          Originally posted by Vogelfrei80 View Post
          Someone spoke about square cranks with disc brake...
          This may present a challenge because a square taper spindle doesn't have a hard stop for the crank. In other words each time you remove and replace the crank it may end up in a different lateral position.

          I know square taper disc brakes have been done in the past, but the lack of stop alone would sway me away from using one over an ISIS setup.
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            Thank you!

            Thank you all for your precious help!


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              Thanks for the help. Learned lots just by reading here.


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                Due to strong vibrations (unicycle turned in to a giant vibrator) on braking I had to do something to enforce the d'brake, so thanks for the tips in this thread. I used patentband which was what I had lying around. It's not ideal because it is soft, but with 3 lairs and bolts to hold them together it worked well. When I fitted the d'brake to my KH36, I had to use 3 washers between the brake and the D'brake to get the brake centered over the rotor. I think this may have increased the vibrations. The patentband was exactly the same size as the washers, so I could just replace the washers with the patentband. I went for a 23 miles ride yesterday, and the braking was very smooth on the steepest decents.

                A few months ago I bought a d'brake for my KH36, but the bolts were not flush with the d'brake. The one on the bottom was too close to the spokes because it was sticking out. I replaced it with and older version of the d'brake that I had on an Oracle 24, which is the one in the photos. Vibrations was never an issue with any of my Oracles (24/26).
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                  I had similar issues with bolt head sizes and the d-brake - I had to dig around in my parts box to find some that were just small enough to fit in.

                  Just a quick update on my strut - I'm now on version #4 but this one's been holding up well for a while so I've painted it to match
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