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  • Originally posted by Zivit View Post
    This is photo
    Great idea to attach the handle! I'll use it as soon as I can build it!


    • CL find

      new tire and pedals on 24" of unknown origin. has isis 170mm cranks.
      total noob here BTW.
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      • Originally posted by Zivit View Post
        The handle itself is made from PP pipe fittins, it is extremaly strong and very cheap, but available in light colors only.
        Bicycle sporting saddles made to be maximum comfortable for long dictance, but you need some time for adaptation and finding optimal position for your seat. All uni saddles have too wide front part, I don't understand why....
        What is it like without the handle? Dont you need the whider seat to keep control? (or controll?...naa, control looks more common.. )

        - aintnothintoitbuttodoit -


        • laced a wheel!

          was easier than expected. used guide on Brit UDC website.
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          • Nice!

            Just curious, what are you intending to do with this unicycle? The cranks say Flatland, but the tire says Freestyle..
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            • nothing special. built from parts off ebay and UDC. wanted to learn to build
              wheels for my super motard.


              • Fatty Disc

                With Surly Nate 26x 3.8

                Click image for larger version

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                Fährt seit 1981 Einrad..26 Zoll ist meine bevorzugte Radgrösse.

                Mein Lieblingssetup:

                QX Eleven- Sattel, QX26" Gabel, KH26 - Felge, Vee Tire T- Fatty 26x 3.0 Reifen

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                • Originally posted by digger View Post
                  What is it like without the handle? Dont you need the whider seat to keep control? ...
                  I think the control goes through pedals, meanwhile slim saddle gives more possibility for stiring unicycle between legs and you will value it if you try. The handle make the mount easier and lets to stay on legs in moving, but is not mandarory for common riding. This is video example, where I use bicycle saddle without any addition handle and without problems.



                  • My latest project was a 26" Ultimate wheel. I described it here (scroll down for the project progress)
                    Click image for larger version

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                    Einradfahren in Sachsen:
                    07.06.2020: Europamarathon