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  • Semcycle - Are they home?

    I ordered a 24" from Semcycle two weeks ago, and it seems they haven't even processed the order yet. I emailed them about it a week ago, and I haven't heard anything. Has anyone else had this trouble with buying equipment from Semcycle?

    I thought about cancelling the order, but who knows if that would even go through

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    Did you try calling them?
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      Originally posted by saskatchewanian View Post
      Did you try calling them?
      Good idea, sometimes the email adress just stops working for no reasons, last year I had to call Darren Bedford to order my part. He never replied my emails, but he was there on the phone and I got my frame 2 days after I called!
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        Good idea, I'll do that today.


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          I actually got in touch with them on the phone! The lady said that they had recieved my email (I guess they just didn't feel like responding), and she wasn't the one to talk to but they would get back to me, and that was a while ago. Meanwhile, the order is still pending. I'm going to cancel the order as soon as they answer my calls.

          I guess being a professional unicyclist doesn't necessarily mean you can run a business.


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            Please be patient with businesses run by real humans.

            I guess being a professional unicyclist doesn't necessarily mean you can run a business. [/QUOTE]

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              Little communication in the three weeks of inquiry would have been nice, is all.

              But I take a little of it back! She just now called me back, and decided to throw in overnight shipping absolutely free! It was mighty cordial of them, I thought.