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  • Beside that it looks weird and the brake doesnt fit... there wont be any problems

    There are also multi-frames like the triton, which are made for 24/26/29 wheels.
    Riding for Triton
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    • Do any of you have experience running a 24" or 26" wheel on a 29er frame? Is there any disadvantage to doing something like that? Sorry to be off topic, but I figure I will toss this out where the 29er owners are at.
      It'll work with any frame that has a disc brake. I considered it, BUT, it's just easier to have a complete uni for each wheel size since the wheel is your biggest expense.

      I believe the KH frames are all the same width at the crown, just differences in height, maybe someone could check that...
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      • Sweet, thanks for the answers. I'm probably going to get a 26" wheel set up to give it a whirl. If i don't like it, I can always sell the wheel and get a nimbus oracle... I'm not too worried about a brake not fitting, I don't have one :P my legs are my brakes!


        • KH frames are all the same width at the crown. The width is essentially the narrowest possible (lowest profile possible) to fit the range of tires that riders use, with the crown rounded further inwards above this point. On the current models it doesn't matter so much if you're not planning on using the rim brakes, although it's easier to have a frame per wheel with the proper frame size. A KH26 frame is a good setup for either a 24" or 26" wheel. With a disk brake you can switch either the 24 or 26 out with no adjustment necessary.



          • KH frames are all the same width at the crown.
            Thanks Kris!
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            • More on Hans Dampf:

              Okay, so I am still riding Hans, which is a good thing

              I have decided that Hans likes a little bit of pressure, so I am now running 18psi and I find that the tire holds it shape better and is quite fast, while remaining sticky. The side knobs are a lot softer and longer than the Ardent, so they do "squish out", but it doesn't seem to reduce traction so much as increase grip.

              When I ran 14-16psi I had some sidewall collapse that accentuated the knobby flex, which made the tire a little unstable when making low angle hard turns, but with the pressure at 18psi this is no longer a problem.

              The tire is very big, I haven't measured it lately, but it appears to be strtching out and it sure seems bigger than an Ardent, in part likely due to the bigger knobbies. Tread wear is not an issue so far, that's riding mostly on firm dirt and some rock.

              I like this tire, the only thing I have not tried to ride is mud, whcih is strange because I keep going out after a rain but the warm weather dries it up before I can get to it; not a bad thing I suppose

              I'll take a measurement later in the week...
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              • My review of the Hans so far:
                I really like how it looks on my uni.

                . . . unfortunately I still haven't ridden it other than across the yard once, because I couldn't resist.
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                • Okay, I thought Hans was looking kinda beefy, and so it is

                  A non scientific, eyeballed dimensions: 65mm casing width, 55mm casing height, add a few mm in width when measures at the knobbies, as mounted on a KH FR 47mm rim at 17-18psi.

                  This tire is slighty bigger than my Arrow Racing Savage 26 x 2.6, which is 63mm x 50mm, as mounted on a KH FR 47mm rim at 14-15psi. Of course this tire is much burlier and heavy (1300gm).
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                  • Here are a few pics of my new just mounted Hans Dampf. I measured the casing width with a caliper at 62mmm on a KH FR 47mm rim at 20psi. The knob width is slightly less at 59mm. Now I'm off to get it dirty.
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                    • Reposted from the main forum:

                      So, I did a nice big loop last night, suffering though the beginning heat and humidity of early summer, but I just had to get Hans on thr trails

                      Pre set up: KH 29, KH FR 47mm rim, Ardent 2.4 @ 16-18psi
                      Post set up: KH 29, KH FR 47mm rim, Hans Dampf @ 14-16psi

                      First off, I really like the Ardent 2.4, it has been a great tire for me, wet or dry, I have ridden this tire may miles over the past year + and my only complaint in that time is that the Ardent could use a slightly sturdier casing and sidewall, BUT taken a complete tire it is a very balanced design.

                      Last night my ride with Hans @ 16psi started with a 100yds of asphalt, so the first thing I looked at was crowning issues; the Hans does not crown hadly as much as the Ardent. So then I headed into some firm up/down flowing single track, I found the Hans to be a bit firmer than the Ardent, "fewer hard hits" as I went over roots and landing off smal drops was more secure/stable.

                      Then I headed into some technical, rocky ledges, steady climbing for 1/4 mile, Hans handled quite well, stuck to the rock at least as good as the Ardent, fewer hard hits as expected. The climbing felt good, the Hans seems to hold a line better than the Ardent and was easier to transition across rough terrain.

                      From there I headed into a technical downhill, mostly firm dirt and some root drops, a little firm mud, Hans did as well or better than the Ardent. I was getting zapped by the humidity at this point, so I missed a couple lines and had to go back and do them again, otherwise Hans was working well.

                      After a break I headed into a mixed single track section along the water, a little firm mud, lots of roots, some rock, Hans was feeling a bit too firm probably cuz I was getting tired, so I dropped the pressure to 14psi. Things were very different, tire was noticeabley slower and I struggled a bitto stay on my line, but I chalk some of that up to being fatigued. After a little bit I get back in the swing, my riding felt better and I was able to clean a series of "climbing" root stairs that usually gives me trouble. I also noticed that even at 14psi I was still not getting much in terms of hard hits, so the casing was very supportive even at low psi.

                      The last technical section is an easy downhill into a wood bridge leading to a rooty/rocky/eroded hill climb that I have never cleaned; came cloase last week on my 26er. Well, I cleaned it, smoothly and without much strain, suprising considering my fatigue. Was it the tire?

                      So, after one ride, Hans 1, Ardent 0, but with some caveats: The Hans rides firm, even at 14psi, so for light folks this might not be comfortable, though maybe at 12psi it would be fine. In terms of ride quality the Ardent is more comfortable and maybe faster, though I wouldn't say that Hans is slow, because it's not. Hans is a firmer casing and lands drops far better than the Ardent, more like a light DH tire such as my Arrow 26 x 2.6, so for folks whouse their 29er for tech muni, the Hans would be a better choice than the Ardent.

                      In conclusion, noting that I have only taken one ride; though it was a good test ride, I would say that the Ardent is a great tire for XC and light Freeride, but for Freeeride and light DH the Hans is a far better choice. Now the price, wow, $80 delivered is not cheap, but tires seem to last for a while...

                      My question now is whether a 26 x 2.4 Hans would be a nice 26er tire
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                      • Okay, so now I have a bunch of rides on Hans, tonight was the final test as it has been unusually dry in the Southeast the past few weeks. Wet conditions arrived over the weekend, though conditions weren't "Oregon" nasty, the trails were muddy clay, the roots were slimy, and rocks were wet.

                        I took Hans on one of my regular loops, Concord trails, started with the inside loops which are twisty and have lots of abrupt grade changes, narrow single track with wall to wall ivy and limbs to be ducked. After finishing the loops I emerged from the tree tunnel and set off across the ridge before dropping into a short technical downhill with some nice rooty stuff, small drops littered along the way. Then the trail opens up a bit before heading out to the shore where It winds in and out of the shoreline with lots of roots, abrupt grade changes, a few wood bridges, and a sand bag bridge, then up a big hill to the car.

                        Generally this loop lives me huffing and puffing, multiple UPD's are standard, but today I had two quasi UPD's and nothing more, i would almost say that it was an easy ride. Hans wins another one

                        Hans has great wet and dry traction, great float, it can be a little "rubbery" at times, but not that out of character for a high volume tire, size wise it's as big as any 29er tire I have ridden, as big as the Racing Ralph 2.4 but with the added benefits of having a thick casing, big knobbies, and sticky tread.

                        I did one big off angle jump to clear a bunch of wet angled roots and the tire folded hard enough to make that rubbery groan sound (you know the one), but I think this is more a function of making a wierd landing and running low pressure (18psi). I could easilly run more pressure and land better

                        I found that at my 200#, 18psi was a good all around pressure, but I could run as low as 16psi is really soft conditions; lowest I ran was 14psi, or as much as 20psi with no real detrimental effects other than being a little softer or a little firmer. It is a fast tire, don't let the deep tread and soft rubber make you think it's slow, Hans rolls very well for it's size.

                        If you don't already have an Ardent and you're looking for a fat tire, Hans would be worth spending a little more. There are three models, a wire bead economy model, a sticky triple tread and the more durable triple Pacestar tread, I have the Hans in a Pacestar. don't get me wrong, The Ardent is a great tire and if I wasn't such a gear whore, I'd still be riding the Ardent, but hey, I am what I am

                        Claude, any more feedback on Hans?
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                        • Originally posted by Nurse Ben View Post
                          Claude, any more feedback on Hans?
                          No, I have only been able to get out on it once and really liked that experience. I posted some comments here.

                          I hope to ride it a lot at the Southeast Munifest this weekend.


                          • Hans is still on top of the podium, I can't think of anything I'd change, it's light for it's design, has as much volume as any 29er tire I have tried, minimal rolling resistance, sticky tread, good all around pattern for wet or dry, runs okay at low pressures. I'm running 18psi now, the lowest I have run is 14psi. I think Claude said he runs 20psi.

                            It's expensive, but seems to wearing well, so buy one and keep it for a while...
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                            • Originally posted by Nurse Ben View Post
                              I think Claude said he runs 20psi.
                              I am running the Hans between 18-20 psi and think that is optimal for me. I have not tried it lower. Above 20 psi I found it bouncy on the bumps.


                              • So I'm getting to the point where the tires on my 26 and 29er are close to tread-bare. I think I'll stick with the duro leopard for the 26, despite the weight I feel a little more secure rolling around with that thing nearly flat. That makes the 29er the only decision I need to make.

                                It's currently got a WTB Stout. I guess it has served me well, it felt light which made longer climbs a bit easier but the only tires I've ever had to compare it to were the duro and some other skinny 24" tires so it's not like I know any better. I never felt like it had the volume I like. I always get really nervous about pinch flats, which makes me not want to take it below 20psi.

                                In skimming the thread it sounds like the best 29er tire out there for muni comes down to two choices:

                                hans dampf

                                And it sounds like the hans dampf has the slight edge. Now I know nothing about tires, in fact I only replaced the tire on my old 24" when there was a hole all the way through to the tube. I've lost traction a few times on the stout so I figure I can't wait around for a hole to appear before swapping tires anymore.

                                So as per Nurse Ben there are 3 models of the hans dampf:

                                wire bead economy mode
                                sticky triple tread
                                more durable triple Pacestar tread

                                Not knowing a thing about tires I guess it all comes down to price and how long the tire lasts? So if I do say 25% of my riding on pavement (I'm far too lazy to be swapping out tires whenever I want to do a greenway ride) the wire bead will wear down on me fairly quickly while the pacestar will last a bit longer? I guess it makes more sense to drop an extra $10 if the tire lasts considerably longer.

                                Looks like the difference between the ardent and hans is about $25, and again the ardent has several flavors - how sticky the tire is? Don't know that I've ever read a debate on this site about the recommendation for how sticky a tire should be.
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