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  • I got one, studs are amazingly good. Grips well in the snow too. Depending on how you take your corners it can suck really bad though. To be honnest, it isn't the best tire for unis. I used mine to comute only and it was fine appart for turning. If you ride fast enough you wont feel it
    Jakob F.


    • If you are looking for a really good ice grip tire that can handle some brown sugar I highly recommend the Schwalbe Ice Spiker Pro. I really like mine on my geared 26 for winter commuting. You don't get any of those weird transition feelings from distinct center and edge traction zones, but it's pretty draggy compared to a summer tire and you will be glad you only have to buy one ($$$)
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      • Originally posted by jaco_flans View Post
        Depending on how you take your corners it can suck really bad though. ... it was fine appart for turning.
        Turning is overrated anyway, it's just a small part of the experience...


        • Thank you Sasketchewanian!

          Owing to your location and certain abundant experience w/ ice and snow, I will act on this advice and go w/ the $chwalbe Ice $piker.

          They all seem expensive tho, except, perhaps, for the homebrews.
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          • Why a Knard 29x3 can also be good on the road.

            I have this tire on my G29 and at the beginning I was expecting more sensitivity to road camber, especially knowing that I have a 47mm kh rim..

            Now I see why it's good on the pavement too: the day before this photo I rode on mud which stayed on the tire and was dry the day after, then I was testing some stuffs on the wet floor of my parking and this revealed how thin (for a + tyre) was the surface in contact with the floor when inflated at 32 PSI.

            As you can see, the wet track is not wider than a nightrider 36x2.25 tire for example.
            Indeed it's 4cm (1,57") wide, so even thinner.

            I really like this tire on my G29, it's rather light (about 900gm) but heavy enough to give the inertia that makes the ride in high gear pretty stable in comparison to a G26 with a light road tire.
            It can handle roads and trails pretty good, depending on the PSI
            The only downside is it's not as good on wet and slippery floors.
            - Geared kh36 + Nightrider Lite + Kh Tbar + HS33
            - Qu-ax 36" + nightrider +Q-handle+ cable rim brake
            - kh 29" + knard 29x3+ kh Tbar + HS33
            - Qu-ax trial 19"
            -24"&26" wheels and forks and spare stuffs.


            • Hi, I'm looking for a vee rubber speedster 29x2.8 tire unicyclist review.
              Does anyone have it on his 29er?
              - Geared kh36 + Nightrider Lite + Kh Tbar + HS33
              - Qu-ax 36" + nightrider +Q-handle+ cable rim brake
              - kh 29" + knard 29x3+ kh Tbar + HS33
              - Qu-ax trial 19"
              -24"&26" wheels and forks and spare stuffs.


              • Schwalbe Rock Razor 29 Super Gravity TS

                A quick review of the Schwalbe Rock Razor 29 tire ( Super Gravity - Trailstar) :

                I just tried this tire out in my typical riding conditions here in the desert of southeastern Arizona and it did really well compared to my go-to 29er tire - the Super Gravity Hans Dampf.

                The Short - for dry sandy, and loose-over-hard conditions in the desert this is a great XC / tour tire. Jenson USA has these on clearance right now (Dec 2016) for $20. Definitely worth getting one.

                Trail Conditions - dry - Hardpack, loose (sandy) over hard, rocky, 1-2" deep sandy spots, some steep ups and downs, some road sections.

                Setup - Nimbus Drak 29er with Coker handlebars, disc brake and a 50mm wide Surly Rabbit Hole rim.

                This tire rolls slightly smoother and faster than the Dampf on rd, hardpack, and loose-over-hard. I also found its grip a little more consistent. It seemed to behave this way on flats, as well as steep climbs and descents, and off-camber slopes.

                The tire did better than expected on sections with deeper sand (~2"). I didn't notice any decrease in performance over the Hans Dampf. Its possible that going fast into sandy section this tire slowed a bit faster but its hard to say.

                The light 50mm rim really gives this tire a stable feel, but it retains enough roundness in its profile to carve alright too. It took the uni off some 1 ft drops and it landed squarely (same as the SG Hans Dampf).


                • Originally posted by caseytronic View Post
                  A quick review of the Schwalbe Rock Razor 29 tire ( Super Gravity - Trailstar) :
                  Nice one!
                  And according to the manufacturer's page, it's only 740g in 29"!


                  • Anyone run the Vee Bulldozer 29 x 3.25?


                    • Quick follow-up on the Rock Razor Review (After more rides on different trails):

                      This tire definitely slows faster in sandy sections and is more sensitive to turning in sand. There are few sandy wash crossings that I typically clear on the Hans Dampf, but bailed when I wasn't careful with the Rock Razor to go straight through.

                      The tire seemed to have a slight but consistent improvement in grip on hardpack and loose-over-hard. I was able to clear a tough climb on loose-over-hard that I never cleared on the Hans Dampf.

                      Finally, if you get this tire be careful to look for the rotation arrow on the sidewall. The side knobs actually tilt out to the front when its setup correctly. This seemed backwards to me so I flipped the tire, but noticed some self-steer when I did this.


                      • Follow-up 2 on the Rock Razor

                        After getting used to this tire a bit I feel like I'm doing almost as well with it in sandy areas as the Hans Dampf.

                        I noticed a little improvement switching form the Nimbus rim to the Surly Rabbit Hole. It widens the tire a tad, stabilizes the sidewalls a bit, and lightens things up.

                        The Super Gravity Hans Dampf (or Rock Razor ) / Surly Rabbit Hole rim combo gives a strong, light wheel that can run low psi and does not have much tire fold-over with side hops.

                        I've been very happy with the Surly Rabbit Hole rim (both 29 and 26). They are light, tubeless ready (they small platforms to seat a tubeless bead), and they are fairly strong (maybe due to the tall sidewall). I've taken plenty of 2 to 3 ft drops, tech sections, and wild UPDs on the 26 Rabbit Hole over the past 2 months and it hasn't bent, flattened, or come grossly out-of-true.


                        • Originally posted by Siddhartha Valmont View Post
                          Hi everybody,

                          more on the road-side of the discussion, I received and rode once a new Schwalbe tire

                          Schwalbe Big One (SnakeSkin)
                          • Size: 29x2.35
                          • ETRTO: 60-622
                          • Official weight: 530g
                          • Measured weight: 576g
                          • Official max pressure: 3.5 bar (50psi)

                          I installed it on my 29er (with a KH XC 38mm rim) and pumped it at 4bar (55psi). The shape and look is very similar to the Big Apple 2.35 (see attached pics).

                          First test ride on the bike path was impressive, it felt like the unicycle was doing the pedaling !!! In anticipation of the weight reduction I changed the cranks from 125mm to 110mm and it felt as easy to ride on flat/up/down.

                          It did not felt like being softer than the Big Apple despite being really lighter. The ride has been in a flat-ish area and not the usual big loop so longer climbs testing will have to wait next ride. However, the few climbs I did even slowly were easy too.

                          I passed through a stretch with road crown and it felt slightly more forgiving than the B.A. (even though it was manageable with the B.A. on this same stretch).

                          It was a pleasure to ride and I can't wait 'till next ride ! I will have to weight the uni for fun. And there's a bonus point to the name: Big One (on a uni !).

                          Note: I was afraid about the tire's traction because of the dotted tread compared to the city-like B.A. Schwalbe's site says they have the same level of traction even in slippery condition. This ride was good. To be continued when I will go through hardpack and gravel roads...
                          After reading through this thread I decided to take the plunge and order this tyre. putting it on one of the original KH 29 rims, I had a big apple on the wheel for a number of years. I have a feeling I will like this one a little more.


                          • Maxxis Minion DHR II Plus 29x3.0 - Quick Review / Specs:

                            I just tried this tire for sand riding on a Surly Rabbit hole 50mm rim and a Nimbus Oracle 29 Frame. The tire rubs slightly when climbing - it would probably not rub on a narrower Nimbus rim, or with the wider KH29 frame.

                            It plows through sand as well as any non - fat bike tire I've tried. I rode through a wash (dry riverbed) that has deep loose sand (can't feel hardpack under it - like beach sand). At about 8-10 psi (with a tube), this tire would float / plow through the sand for a hundred feet or so before I had to bail. Once the sand got shallower (4 inches deep or less) this tire was great - it steadily plowed and gripped along without stalling or slipping.

                            Better than any plus tire I've tried for sand. I was hoping for slightly better performance, but I think Ill have to get fat uni for that. Practice will help, but I think sand riding will still feel more "technical" than smooth.

                            On hardpack / rd of course it rides like a tractor with lots of buzz, but is not horribly unmanageable. Self steer and squishy-ness are workable for such low pressure (8-10 psi again - I weigh about 165lb).

                            Tire Version - DHR II Plus DC EXO TR
                            DHR II Width - 74mm
                            DHR II diameter - 768mm


                            • Schwalbe magic Mary

                              Quick review:
                              Schwalbe sell this tire as 2.35" wide tire, but when I stratched it (I use for half year) it measures little bit over 2.5". It has very stiff sidewalls And it takes drops (about 1.5m) pretty well (compared to Bontrager chupacubra 3.0) I really like how this tire behaves in wet conditions. For me it has two disadvantages it Is really heavy (I have trailstar super Gravity one So about 1kg), And it has high rolling resistance.


                              • Duro Crux 29x3.25

                                I just received this from Mounted on a Surly Rabbit Hole rim it measures an honest 3 inches inside knobs, almost 3.2 outside knobs.

                                Weight on my scale: 1250 grams.

                                It's going in my Flansberrium 29+ - yes there is plenty of clearance in the frame for this thing.

                                Will post more info/feedback after I ride a few times.
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