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    Originally posted by Uniman_3
    so could you take a KH hub,crank,bearings and put them in a Koxx frame or Use a Koxx hub,crank,bearings and put them on a KH frame?

    yes, that should work both ways. That has more to do with the bearings fitting into the frame then the ISIS hub. Both bearings on the koxx and the KH are 42mm Outer diameter, and 20 mm Inner diameter. So Koxx will go right into the KH frame, or the KH hubset will go right into a koxx frame.
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      actually koxx have an Internal diameter of 22mm. But thats just to be annoying and incompatible. Like the french usually are... abit liek teh irish, they like to be different for the hell of it. Wait i am french....

      But since both hubs have 42mm OD bearings and 100mm spacing, both will fit a KH or Koxx frame fine.
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        ive got a koxx hub and crank set on my kh 07 frame, works no problem.

        yes the koxx bearings have a very large internal diameter, its kind of spiffy really.
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