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URC 26" Series 1 Fat Mountain Unicycle

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  • URC 26" Series 1 Fat Mountain Unicycle

    Hey everyone! I have been on the hunt for my first muni for several months. I considered probably a dozen different models/size options and read as many reviews as I could find before I decided on this one. I must preface my review by saying it's the only muni I've ever owned/ridden so I can't compare it to others. I've had it for almost a week and have only been able to take it out a few times.

    With URC each uni is custom built. In the design phase I love how you get the option of customizing your uni with the color of the frame, wheel and seat clamp. Multiple saddle, crank and pedal choices, and brake options allow you to truly make it your own. Some models have more than one tire option as well.

    The 4" tire is a little harder to maneuver as quick as the smaller tires on my road unis, as expected, but the way it absorbs rocks, tree roots, curbs and all kinds of uneven terrain is a more than worthwhile trade off. I feel like it's bolstered my confidence in riding. I had heard that the really wide tires can be an issue rubbing against your legs and I was even considering the Hatchet's design for that reason, but I haven't had any problems. It is affected by road camber, but I don't notice it on the trails.

    The cro-moly frame and reinforced wheel and cranks are very strong and will undoubtedly hold up to anything I plan to do with it. I may end up adding a disc brake eventually but wanted to wait and see if I would truly need one for my riding style, which is not extremely technical but more cross country/flowy trail riding. The mad4one slim saddle doesn't suit me much. I like how thin it is but it's not as comfortable, even with cycling shorts, as the QX Eleven on my 36er so I plan on changing that. I also swapped out the pedals so I could get blue ones that matched the wheel and with metal pins for better grip.

    I had quite a few questions along with way in making my decision. Marco the owner/designer was always quick to answer them and offer me advice which really helped me make my final decision. Great customer service from start to finish! I wouldn't hesitate to order from them again. I will have to update this after I have a ton more hours on this wheel.

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    Nice review and the uni looks great. Still loving my URC and in fact I bought a second larger frame since then


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      Originally posted by ruari View Post
      Nice review and the uni looks great. Still loving my URC and in fact I bought a second larger frame since then
      Thanks! I've been riding it quite a bit since being in quarantine. I did change the saddle to my QX-11 (my favorite) and I had to replace the tube just the other day. First time ever on any uni of mine.