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  • CNC Wilder Lift Handle

    While taking apart my saddle today, I noticed that my $75 CNC Wilder Lift Handle has developed a very tiny crack between the bolt hole and the rear edge. I haven't noticed any decline in performance, and the handle is still rock-solid, but I'm sure it will eventually fail.

    Up until now, though, I've been very pleased with the handle. It's put up with a lot of abuse with barely any wear. And zero flex - a far cry from the newer miyata handles.

    That said, I would NOT recommended purchasing this handle. The price is just too high to have it begin to fall apart after only 2 months of use.


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    I know this is an old thread, but call John Drummond about it. It can't hurt. Also, send Scott Bridgeman an email at

    scott (at)

    He made them, I am sure he'd like to know about any failures. Maybe he can help you out. Dunno.

    If you really happen to see this thread again, give an update.


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      hey Mr.Obvious

      how is your handle now?do you have any pictures of the failer zone?

      an update would be cool.
      twitter> @shotofjagur