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QX 27.5 Versus KH 26 Muni

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    There are other factors as well (assuming you fit on all sizes).

    1.) riding style:
    Some people mainly ride on wide fire roads and want to cover some distance. They probably go for a 29. If it is more technical, singletrail, steep, etc. 26 or 27.5 will probalbly be choosen.

    2.) tire choice:
    Fun/no fun on a Muni depends so much on a good tire (grip, autosteer, damping, rolling resistance, etc). I personaly think that those plus size tires (between 2,6 and 3,0 inch wide) are an excellent choice for Muni. As there is the biggest choice of those plus size tires in 27.5, I simply went for that size.


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      Awesome points and information!!

      I personally really agree with your comments-they are spot on. If you have read the thread to this point, you know I am struggling with my new 2,4 tire on my QX27.5. I am thinking I will probably end up changing it back out for a 3,0.

      Others have input???


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        I think of my QX 27.5 with a 3" tire as an improved version of my old 29" with a 2.4" - similar sized wheel, great for cross country type trails, too tall and klutzy for technical riding.

        Compared to the 29" it seems quicker and rolls over stuff better. Plus it's generally a higher quality unicycle.

        So for technical trails I ride my 26", for the faster XC I use the 27.5+, and the 29" got retired to road riding with a smooth tire and short cranks.

        You're welcome to ride the 27.5 at the STOMP fest, I'm still planning on going. I haven't signed up officially since the wife and dogs hadn't committed until a couple days ago...


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          I'm 6'3" and like riding all mountain with preference for cross country.
          I ride my KH29 with a 3" Minion in the summer and throw the 3 1/4" Crux on for the winter. (we have fat bike trails through the winter!)
          Pedals in the 127mm holes or switch to the 150's if it's a day of climbing.


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            Great insights from everyone!!

            I have seen a couple of teens attempt the 36er on the trails. That is a sight to see.
            I think we can all pretty much agree that 29, for now, is the practical max for the trails.

            Got some more miles on the QX27.5 over the last couple of weeks. I even hit a new trail on it. I am getting much more used to the brake and it hasn't given me any more trouble. I am still having more UPDs with the smaller (more air pressure) tire. I will try one with the 3.0 at STOMP to be sure, but probably will go ahead and switch to it. My friend, who I ride with weekly, wouldn't agree with me. He likes the smaller tire. I like the fatter softer one though. When it comes to that--I guess personal preference is the true measure.


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              Long and Overdue Update

              3 months now with the QX27.5--Wanted to share updates

              October brought STOMP-an AWESOME time with Ed Pratt, 32 others, and a whole weekend of riding. I also got to ride Marty's QX27.5+ with the 3" tire. Then last week I hit Thunder and Lightning at Oak Mtn for the first time. -Both black diamond great trails. Then this last weekend I got back on my KH26-due to my pinch flat from Thunder. SO, my updated thoughts.......

              -Loving the speed of the 27.5, I had maxed out the 26 without shorter cranks
              -I do have a new click-think it is my pedal
              -Lightning meant I had to rely on the brake, not ride-able without it
              -Still not loving the tire size
              -Back on my 26 felt so natural
              -Can't decide if it is the size of the tire or the wheel
              -Will definitely order a 3" tire for the 27.5
              -My riding buddy is already in the process of ordering his own QX27.5

              SUMMARY: quality, weight, and ride-ability of QX27.5 is really good. Like the speed of the larger wheel, but it isn't too large to make me awkward. Do miss either the 3" tire or the comfort of my old KH26 though. 3 months has not made me as comfortable and proficient on the new unicycle as my old one. Not sure still what that means--several variables to still work through (tire size, wheel size, time in the saddle)

              Will continue to update...............


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                I'm riding a 3' wtb ranger tcs light fast rolling: it is really light, grippy and fast: perfect for climbing or fast cross country unicycling. I think it is far better than the maxxis ardent 2.4 I was riding before
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                  I had a maiden cross country ride on my new Quax QX Series 27.5 today down Jekyll & Hyde trail at Oak Mountain State Park in Pelham, Alabama. It's setup identical to my KH26 with the same tire and tire pressure, saddle, and gear ratios. Here are my conclusions:

                  Climbing - Identical in every way. Being a pure climber I had no issue getting up anything my KH26 could climb.

                  Speed and Handling - The slightly bigger wheel is definitely faster. I shaved around 5 minutes off my 6.5 mile ride today compared to my KH26. And handling was identical to my KH26 except the QX27.5 did roll over obstacles better that the KH26.

                  Brake (QX27.5) - I almost forgot I had a brake but did test it out on some downhills. It worked well saving my legs. I'll definitely enjoy using it more in the future once I get used to it.

                  My conclusion is if you're riding a 26" Muni, the 27.5 is definitely worth the upgrade. It's slightly bigger wheel will definitely mean more speed and less UPD's. I still love my KH26 and will continue to ride it. But I will start splitting rides between it and the QX27.5.


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                    What size tire are running on the 26 and 27.5? I have a surly Knard 26x3 on my kh 26 and it measures a Good 27.5 maybe a little more and it flies over everything


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                        Tire Cost? Fit in my trunk?

                        Riding dynamics of these two sizes are very similar, so my only considerations would be:

                        1.) Cost: 26" tires are more standard and cheaper(like around $50 vs. over $100).
                        2.) Cargo space: Fat tires add considerable diameter to the final size, so it ends up taking up more space than you think. The extra inch can make a difference. Check your trunk sizes(be mindful of any trunk levers that stick inwards) and extra space for other cargo. Also, you want to quickly/easily drop it in/out not require surgical precision or complete re-organization of trunk each time.

                        If you are like most riders, you probably ride everyday and thus the unicycle "lives" in your trunk as well as a full size airpump/pads/crank wrench and other tools.

                        Keep on...T
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                          Originally posted by slamdance View Post

                          26" tires are more standard and cheaper(like around $50 vs. over $100).
                          For the kind of tires we use, "plus size" mountainbike tires, 27.5" has completely made 26" disappear. I love my 26", but the much greater availability of tires between 2.5" an 3.25" on 27.5 will mean that at some point, I will have to replace my 26 with a 27.5.

                          You can get 26" tires cheap now, because they are getting disontinued. But with regular pricing, 26" and 27.5" costs exactly the same. So either you were looking at an oddball example, or your info is old.
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                            Update-'The Hitching Post'

                            Had a great opportunity to ride with a group in Mobile AL this last weekend. (18 miles total) It was completely different terrain than here in Birmingham. Still lots of fun!!
                            We did 2 days of muni riding but also hit old Mobile and downtown Mobile.
                            I couldn't resist a picture with my new ride and the old hitching post.

                            Update: Still haven't invested in the new tire--Your wife may be different than mine, but mine doesn't understand $60-$80 dollars for a new tire on a new unicycle. That takes some serious selling or some time to pass...just sayin'

                            BTW-that is the mid price range I am finding the tires these days whether online or at my local shop for reasonable quality and weight tires.

                            Have a new noise on my QX27.5, not sure yet what it is? Rides great, just complains a little. As I mentioned before, my KH26 has done that for years now. I will update as I tear it down as to what I find. The bearings are good, I took the wheel off and checked there--never sure if I tightened them right-too loose or too tight--but I digress since I discussed that on another thread. Still loving the 27.5 but sometimes for new trails I go back to the 26 because I just don't get thrown as easily.
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                              10 month out update

                              Rode a new trail today--7 miles
                              *I still love the QX27.5 upgrade--but kept going back to my KH26 on new or technical trails.
                              *Today was the maiden voyage with the long talked about tire upgrade--I finally broke down and bought a Purgatory Grid 27.5 x 3.0---I LOVE IT!!
                              *That was the issue with the new Muni--I love the squishy bigger tire. It just rolls over things better without bouncing me around. I did add a little weight and a little diameter--I had to cut my seat post again--it rubbed the new tire.
                              *In all fairness--I am also dealing with some "creaking" noise now--still not sure if it is my pedal or my bearings? One bearing seems to have an issue. I will order new bearings and update what happens.

                              After 10 months--TOTALLY recommend the 27.5 upgrade---COMPLETELY recommend the bigger tire that can run lower pressure!! QX or KH--not really finding any significant difference--besides price.


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                                What is the best compromise crank / rim / tyre for a 27.5" Downhill/Muni

                                RIM :
                                KH 47mm ou 55mm : considering that KH 55mm rim is not available in Europe, Mad 4 One has but without eyelet and I don't know their rim quality

                                Tyre :
                                Duro Crux 3.25" from KH ?
                                Havok 3" : I read that it's not good for camber
                                Other suggestions ?

                                Cranks :
                                is KH Spirit 137 enought or 150mm better with a 180 disc brake ?
                                CITY XTP 26", MUNI KH26" & KH29", ROAD Oracle 32" and KH36"
                                my goal : a 3 geared 29" to have only one uni for all kind of rides :-)