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  • Nimbus Oracle 32"

    Thought there was a thread about this uni but couldn't find it. So here is my take on this uni!

    The one I have is the "Black Friday Edition" that rapidly sold out in November 2017. I wasted too long debating whether I needed another uni and missed the 51% sale. But thanks to an amazing gentleman from the French uni forum, I just got one. Brand new unopened, and at the Black Friday price!

    Today was my second ride with it, and I just love it! I think this has potential to be my favorite uni of all.

    I'm a big fan of bigger wheels. Right now I no longer have a 20". I have a 36" which I love, as the feeling is very unique up there with the momentum of the big wheel. But as most of my riding is urban, it's not a friendly size for the city. I can only jump mount it, and in the traffic or on a sidewalk with people, it's more miss than hit. I have a 29" too, but the narrower light tire requires more air pressure and feels twitchy. So when I read than a 32" feels more like a 36" than a 29", I became really curious and intrigued. And now that I have one, I can confirm: it has the floaty feeling unique to the 36". Not as pronounced, but it's there. And the big 2.35" tire helps. It rolls over things with no effort. And yet I can freemount anywhere (my favorite rollback and also static, no pb).

    As I came back from my ride, my fiancée said “It must be a nice uni because you never look that happy when back from riding”. I’m always happy but there is often something that bothers me slightly, it’s true. Especially as most of my riding lately has been with the narrow tire G29 which is not as fun as I hoped when I came across it. So if you live in a city, and you like a big wheel, or if you’re considering commuting on a uni, I’d say get a 32”. It’s not the lightest around, but it’s definitely super enjoyable.

    The uni itself is very well made. I considered getting a 24” Oracle a few years back, having seen and tried one I was pretty impressed with the build quality – but CDK offered the KH at a great clearance price and I fell for the blue scheme. The 32” comes with the same features: inboard disc, Venture cranks (I think the current model has the VCX, don’t know if there are other differences), black plastic pedals. It also has the recent Stadium saddle, which is a matter of taste. I’m a big fan, but some people hate it. It’s narrower, firmer, and less curved than the usual saddles. If you like the KH Zero/One, there are chances you’ll love the Stadium. It shares the stiffness with those, and is also a saddle that wants you to hold it. Riding with no hand is not its forte (not as bad as the KH though). Haven’t tried handlebars on it as I’m enjoying it without for the moment. It comes with 125mm cranks, so it's clearly aimed at people with some big wheel experience. It's a length that I appreciate for faster riding with control, so I'm good with this size.

    Negative points? The pedals are pretty cheap. Two rides and the right one is starting to click on mounting (when I put most of my weight on it) and they are pretty slippery, even with my Five Ten shoes! I’m giving them a chance, but I have already planned to put something more grippy in the near future. The brake is a bit disappointing. At first it was less powerful than my the rim Magura on my 29”! I know pads need to be broken in (not easy on a uni), and power if much better now, but it’s still nowhere near my 24” muni (so powerful it’s almost dangerous) or as my 36”. It’s actually the same brake and it was rubbish on the 36” until I swapped the entry level Shimano resin pads for semi-metal decent stuff. I might do that as it won’t break the bank. It comes with a Foss tube. Which is lighter than most (except the Michelin Butyl), good thing as the tire is heavy. But those leak slowly – expect 10 to 15psi per week! And they are a pain to fix if you get a flat. I’ll live with it for now. The tire is a great tire, it’s proven its strengths in the 36” niche. Like its big brother, it’s comfy and bouncy, it’s happy on the road and light dirt track, it’s not too bothered by camber. But like its brother, it’s heavy! Hopefully a big weight saver is around the corner with the new 32” Light Nightrider tire, but it has yet to appear on UDC and the likes. But maybe the weight is a big part of the momentum that makes the big wheel ride so enjoyable!

    My conclusion: if you like to ride distance or want to commute on your wheel but you live in a city, get this 32” uni!

    Yes it comes in a big box. 9.5kg total:

    Not much to assemble, just put the pedals, slide the seat post in there and attach the brake! And the tools are in the box. Had to get the hacksaw out though, as the post is fairly long - and I'm 6ft tall. The uni is well protected so it doesn't get scratched until you ride it!

    Ready to conquer the city!

    Couldn't resist a little personal touch...
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    The 32er sounds great, thanks for your review Pierrox.

    I haven't tried any wheel size between 26 and 36 yet. I am moving house soon, very close to some nice mix of XC/forest trails, and I think it might be the perfect excuse to buy a 29 Muni.

    Hopefully I will try the 32 at some point in the future..


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      One detail I forgot to mention. The Nimbus Stadium being a very narrow saddle, it's better to have it pointing up. But the stock seat post only allow for just above horizontal angle. I ended up inserting wide washers between the post and the saddle to get the angle seen on the photo.


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        Originally posted by pierrox View Post
        I considered getting a 24” Oracle a few years back, having seen and tried one I was pretty impressed with the build quality
        Glad to hear it, as I have one on order coming Monday!

        I enjoyed your review, good read. I haven't repaired a bike in 40 years and don't really remember anything about it, so most tech talk is simply baffling to me, and a little intimidating. But it's still interesting to read some of it, and your enthusiasm is certainly contagious!

        Wish you had said more about your ride impressions, but I guess the machine is still so new to you that you haven't had a lot of chance to ride it yet.

        Re the narrower light tire on your 29, there's an Oracle 29 ... doesn't it use a fat tire, like 3 inches? If so, can you not use that tire to be happy on your 29 rather than having to buy a whole new unicycle?
        Nimbus Oracle 24" muni, Nimbus II 20" Independence, Gotway MSuper V3 EUC, ebay EUC trainer


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          Thanks for the review, it's definitely on my list now. I think for my commute on Scottish roads/cycle paths it'll be better than a 36er.

          Got to get the 29er first though. 😂

          Could get expensive!


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            Originally posted by Gm7dha View Post
            Thanks for the review, it's definitely on my list now. I think for my commute on Scottish roads/cycle paths it'll be better than a 36er.

            Got to get the 29er first though. 😂

            Could get expensive!
            Don't forget that the ideal number of unicycles you need is N+1 with N being what you own at the moment...

            What's your ride at the moment? Maybe you can skip the 29" and go for the 32" directly!


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              I wish that was true lol. I had too many bikes, managed to get down to two! 😀

              I have a 24" Oracle but I'd like to keep it as there's some really techy stuff Id like to try ride... So I'll skip the 26" and use the 29" for most stuff and use the 32" for longer distances.

              Did 7.2 miles on the 24" today on rough ground at an avg of 4.5mph... slow but steady 😂

              Will need to keep my eyes open for any 32" deals 👍🏻