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26 inch Muni and 24 inch uni

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  • [For Sale: Australia] 26 inch Muni and 24 inch uni

    Up for sale are my two unicycles as shown in photos as I need money for a new car.

    Muni is near new condition (seat plastic guards have a few scratches as would be expected) and comes with a new Duro tyre as extra. Also has Kris Holm 137mm cranks and a CroMo seat post.

    Extras included with unis are
    Spare seat post
    Original Muni cranks
    Original Cranks for other uni
    Plastic pedals

    $500 the lot (+ postage) ONO
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    how much for just the muni? (with and without the extras)


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      I would like $450 which includes the spare ISIS cranks, Duro Wildlife tyre and spare metal pedals (originally on Muni but shown on other uni in photos). The seat post is actually from the other uni. It was too short so had to buy a longer one. Depending on where you live i may also throw in free postage. Don't want to split parts from the Muni as they will be no good to me without a Uni.

      I didn't really want much for the learner uni. That's why I am offering both for previous price. An extra $70 dollars or so any you can have 2 unis.
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        now im confused. im not really interested in the 24 uni. i only want the muni so how much for just the muni and nothing else? How much more for the muni extras?


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          wygant97 are you the same as GhostRyder?


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            dude... not to rain on your purade.... but a prand new 26 is $320 and with KH cranks its still only $416 .....
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              Originally posted by Phil_on_uni View Post
              dude... not to rain on your purade.... but a prand new 26 is $320 and with KH cranks its still only $416 .....
              Maybe in the US. Not in Aus.

              Uni rider
              $450 for the Muni with all the extras. Spare cranks and Pedals and New Duro tyre.

              No. I am not the same person as Wygant97.


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                i can't afford $450


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                  Any reasonable offer will be considered.


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                    i am in the US so any price reasonable for me would probably rip you off