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  • Christmas shoppin'

    Christmas, Festivus, Agnostica, Hannukah, Winter Solstice, Birthday, New Year... what are you celebrating? Do you have to fork out gifts? Here's some stuff with unicycles on it. I added new stuff for this year.
    Greg, your cartoonin' unicycler.

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    I didn't spell it wrong, you just read it wrong!


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      Fried spam. On wheat. With lettuce.

      Well, I'm not selling USED stuff. So if that's your criteria for the trading post, it's spam. new stuff = spam.

      I figure it's not. I think it might have been spam if I'd put it in, say, a section about... not selling stuff. There's probably a word for that, but I have no idea what it is.

      Seriously, though. There's lots of old threads in the main category about Tshirt designs. You might prefer this thread there, I guess. I can do that. Sorry to baffle ya.
      Greg, your cartoonin' unicycler.


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        Its not spam.
        some of thoses are pretty cool but why are some of the t-shirts 20 and others 10?
        If somebody tells you your tricks are gay, ask them if they are an expert in gay trickery.


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          different shirts

          The 'value' shirts are the $10 ones. The thicker, heavier or darker colored shirts are the more expensive ones.
          The value shirts are there for anyone who wants to order with a tight budget. I haven't ordered one of them yet, so I can't vouch personally for the quality. I usually order hoodys and dark shirts (which don't have a 'value' version). I won't argue with anyone who prefers the value shirts, though. I sort of shotgunned the designs and styles, and might have missed a 'value' version with some of the designs. So if there's a particular design you wish I had put on a $10 shirt, just post here, and I'll get to it as quick as I can.
          Greg, your cartoonin' unicycler.


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            Cards acrost the pond

            Thanks, Steve C in Great Britain. Hope folks enjoy the cards.

            I know that the internet is worldwide... but it still just makes me grin that somebody from so far away from my podunk town is mailing my artwork around his country.
            Greg, your cartoonin' unicycler.