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Older Custom 29er rarely ridden

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  • [For Sale: USA] Older Custom 29er rarely ridden

    The uni was custom built in 2005 by LiveWire Unicycles (Dave Stockton) and was used very infrequently - probably fewer than a couple dozen times and not more than a few hundred yards at a time. The tire and tube will have to be replaced - the tire looks wonky where it was sitting on the floor of my family room for the past dozen years, but itís never been stored outside, not even in a garage. The powder coat has a few small nicks in it and the seat cover has a couple of small rips. The seatpost might also have to be replaced based on the height of the rider. I cut it down to fit me and Iím 5í6Ē.

    I can take closer shots of the nicks or components for those interested. Asking $300 or reasonable counter offers. Shipping is extra unless you live within drivable distance from Saratoga/Albany counties, upstate New York.

    Specs: Custom 29er, June 2005
    Quicklight 700c wheel with Big Apple 700c x 2.3
    Hunter frame with struts, brake mounts, lime green powder coat
    Avid brake assembly
    Primo Viking seatpost clamp 26.8 black
    Thomson Elite Seatpost Straight 28.6mm black
    KH Miyata Rail Adapter
    Torker LX saddle
    Stainless steel hardware for seat rebuild
    LiveWire Stiffener Light for seat rebuild
    Kinport Handle Front (black)
    Kinport Handle Rear (black)
    Odyssey Cielencki Pedals sealed black
    Vuelta alloy dust caps silver
    Nimbus X 150mm cranks
    Upgrade to black spokes and nipples
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      Cool Rig. A couple of questions on it:

      Cranks/Hub: Square taper crank mounts on the hub or ISIS (figuring square taper)?

      Rim: What kind of rim is that? Do you know if its a single wall rim or double wall?

      Tire Clearance: Would a wider tire (like a 2.6) be likely to fit that frame?


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        Cranks/Hub: I was told it's a square taper. Attached is a picture but I don't know anything about cycle components so if you want a better pic or some other angle, let me know.

        Rim: I don't know, but Dave Stockton was known for his super strong wheel builds. I tried to pull the tire away and take a pic.

        Tire Clearance: I'd say this Hunter frame is really good for tire clearance. See third picture.

        Let me know what you think. Open to negotiating. I really don't know how much the shipping would cost but if you're interested I'll bring it in to UPS and find out.
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          Sent you a Private Message (PM) w/ my email for more info / pics. Thanks.


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            29er - More Info and Pics

            Passing on a little more info and a couple of pics of this cool 29er for Digigal (OP).

            Hub: UDC Square Taper hub

            Rim: Sun Rhyno Lite 29 double wall

            Tire Clearance: Looks good from pic

            Uni is still for sale.
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              Older 29r

              Has this sold?


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                How much do you want for it? Or, has it been already sold? Do you have closer shots?


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                  Answering questions with a couple of potential buyers but not sold yet. What would you want me to zoom in on for the closer picture?


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                    Oh, and I'm asking $300 plus shipping, which seems to be pretty expensive based on how far away you are.


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                      Would u be interested in a 36 er of the same style as trade? I could not get comfortable on it so it just hangs from the ceiling . My other ride is a 29er


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                        No thanks. I'm getting out of riding - neck compression issues. Chiropractor's orders...


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                          Hope you get better.


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                            Iím in montreal , qc

                            Iím from Montrťal, qc and I have an address in Champlain
                            We could either see if shipping is reasonable to Champlain, NY 12919
                            or we could meet half way around Ausable?
                            Iíll need some sort of paper/invoice for customs


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                              Thanks Oldman.

                              Thanks for your interest pjpsoft but I'm working with a potential buyer now. I'll let you know if it doesn't work out with her.