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  • [For Sale: USA] 2015 kh 29

    For sale is a KH 29 I bought new in March. After about a month of riding on it, and finally getting it dialed in to my liking, I blew out my knee on a local trail. Bummer. Anyway my muni days are over and I will be transitioning back to life on two wheels.

    The unicycle comes with the KH handle, KH knee pads in good shape(XL) and some weightlifting gloves with wrist support. Additionally I riveted the stiffening plate onto the KH zero saddle which gives it almost no flex.

    $750 OBO + shipping for everything. I still have the original box.
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      Located in Missoula, MT.


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        Price Drop

        $700 OBO for the setup. Make me an offer, this thing needs to get ridden.


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          Price Drop

          $650 + shipping.

          Someone buy this before I give in and start riding again.


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            Originally posted by catmosca View Post
            $650 + shipping.

            Someone buy this before I give in and start riding again.
            No one buy it!
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              Originally posted by pinoclean View Post
              no one buy it!
              +1 :d
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                So sorry to hear about your knee. Did you fall onto it or something, how did that happen?
                Rob Urban
                KH 29 Schlumpf
                Nimbus 27.5 Oracle
                Nimbus II 26 Muni conversion


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                  I already had a partial tear in my ACL from a previous incident and landed awkwardly on a steep slope. I'll be getting surgery in August. Just got back on my town uni today but riding muni is just too risky moving forward.

                  I absolutely love the sport and its inherent challenges but I need to keep my knee safe. This will be surgery #3 on this knee.

                  If anyone is interested the unicycle is still for sale. Please make some offers.

                  Also, this is an absolutely awesome community of people. Thanks for the support.


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                    Somebody grab it quick, it an awesome muni at a great price! Love the 29er with the 3.0 Knard!


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                      Sold. Thanks.