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Early 90s Tom Miller Custom 6'--Like new condition

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  • [For Sale: USA] Early 90s Tom Miller Custom 6'--Like new condition

    Hey gang! I am finally going to sell my 6' uni. It is a custom Tom Miller which I had made in the early 90s. It has a smaller wheel that is geared to feel larger (16"-20" I think--to pack smaller) and it has a quick release seat post to pack it down small. The unique thing about this uni is that the frame is taller than normal (6" taller I think). My legs are so short that I have to lower the seat so I can reach the pedals. This made me the shortest rider in the line in the parade show that I was in. On this giraffe, I was the same height as everyone else.
    It was only ridden a few dozen times in the show and then it went into the hard case I had made for it (included in the sale) and there it has sat for 20 years. It is in like-new condition. I would love for someone to get some good use out of it. I will let it go for $750. This includes the road case. I will add some pics to this ad tomorrow when the sun comes up. You can pm me with questions or you can email me at
    Please pass this along to anyone who might need a beefcake, Tom Miller classic in perfect condition. You can pick it up in Oceanport, NJ or I will take it somewhere to have it shipped to you and you pay shipping. I will have exact measurements and such tomorrow.