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For Sale * Kris Holm KH 26 with Magura HS33

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  • [For Sale: Australia] For Sale * Kris Holm KH 26 with Magura HS33

    Australia- For Sale is a Kris Holm KH26 in immaculate condition.
    Item:2012 Kris Holm KH26

    Description:This uni, or muni rather , was purchased in April 2012 through (Australia). Upon purchasing the new toy I immediately replaced the standard Maxxis Ardent with a Maxxis Hookworm so that it would be more agreeable to cruising on the pavement. The uni is still rolling on the hookwork and I am including the Ardent knobby tyre for those who may prefer taking this beast off road.
    It should also be noted that shortly after purchasing I fitted a brand new Magura HS33.The brake works flawlessly and has not required anything in the way of maintenance the entire time I have owned it. I will include the original box which comes with manual and several spare parts that may come in handy at some point down the road.

    Condition:As a consequence of the uni being used on the pavement alone , it remains in immaculate condition save for some general signs of use on the most vulnerable peripheries (ie, seat guard, pedals). There are few tiny marks on the frame but it really is still in fantastic condition.

    Usage: This unicycle has had very little use. Mostly short trips on pavement around the neighborhood. It has spent a good part of its life next to my desk collecting dust.

    Reason for selling:I am returning to full time study this year and cannot justify keeping it when it gets such little use.

    Location :Australia .Chatswood Area - "Pick Up" only.

    Email -

    Price :Kris Holm KH26 with Magura HS33 fitted and brand new Maxxis Ardent tyre-$725
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    alas,, not, as one sharp reader has pointed out
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      You need to confirm more about the details. A photo would be good.

      What cranks does it have?

      The current model has the KH adjustable seat post. Does yours? Has it been cut?

      Why "pickup only" when you have the original box? Surely that would make posting easy?
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        kris holm kh26 .Pictures

        One track mind ,

        Thanks for your enquiry.

        Please see gumtree ad for photos. Link -

        cranks are standard single hole KH cranks.

        The length of the seat post has been shortened slightly . Sits 5foot ten rider no problems. Happy to measure though...

        I don't have the original unicycle box (reference was to Magura box),but will consider posting. Will gauge the level of local interest first.

        You will also see from images that original pedals have been upgraded to Crank Brothers brand platform pedals.

        don't hesitate to ask if you have any more questions and thanks again for your enquiry.


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          Bump* Price Drop

          Price drop to $625.


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            Could you measure height from the pedal at the bottom to the saddle with the seat post at minimum insertion?

            Would you still consider posting it?

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              Seat post*

              Will be happy to pack it up and ship it off if buyer pays postage.

              Length of seat post is 20cm.

              Saddle to pedal at bottom of stroke is 82cm.

              Not sure what the minimum insertion heights are on these things. Can't see there being any issue raising it slightly from where it is.

              Limiting factor on seat height presently is the hydraulic brake line, but if do you need to raise up the seat, never fear, I have a spare line.
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                Gumtree ad*

                New ad*



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                  Sold *


                  Please remove thread.

                  Many thanks ~