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  • [For Sale: USA] UDC Club 24" (+extras)

    This is the unicycle I learned to ride on. It saw about 6 months of heavy use before other unicycles took over and it was loaned to a friend who never put much time on it. It sat with him for over a year and now that it has returned to me I realize it won't see much use from me either.

    It is in good condition with a small scuff or two on the frame and a tear on the bottom of the seat cover. The grab handle cracked from a drop early in its life so I wrapped it with a used tube. This turned out to be a good idea as it added comfort and grip and I did the same thing on my other unicycles.

    The tire pictured is a CST Cyclops 2.4 in near new condition. The original 1.95 tire will also be included; it is worn but has some life left. The pedals are Eastern PC. The original 125mm cranks are shown and the unicycle will also include black 150mm Tork aluminum cranks. If you'd prefer to have the 150s mounted before I ship, just let me know.

    A new Club 24" is $135 before shipping. With the extra cranks and tire I'm looking for $100 including shipping in the contiguous US.
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    oh no....I was looking for a cheap 24" uni a week ago....and finally bought black club 24" from udc, that just arrived a few days ago

    Just wondering, but, what uni did you move onto after this one?


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      Enjoy your club!

      I've gone through a bunch of changes trying to perfect my fleet. A history up to a few years ago can be seen here:

      Since then I've owned and sold a Conundrum, reacquired a KH29 for muni, and built a road 28/29 that took over the neighborhood ride duty that the Club used to get.


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        Bump - still in my garage.


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          Local sale pending.


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            Any idea what it would cost to send it to 71935 in Arkansas? I am guessing that if you took the pedals off, and seat off, and all, it would get smaller, and cheaper to ship. Somebody offered me a cheap uni from the west coast, but they did not want to pack it, so a local company said they would pack, and ship it for 107.00. This would be a good deal, it shipping were somewhere down here on earth!




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              I'm guessing around $30, though shipping was going to be included in the $100 price.

              Since the buyer is local and saving me shipping costs I subtracted $30 from the price for him. We're planning on meeting up next week.


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                You said: <i>With the extra cranks and tire I'm looking for $100 including shipping in the contiguous US.</i>
                Sorry. Missusunderstood your post. I thoutt that meant that you wanted 100, and whatever shipping was.

                I'd have jumped on that like a goose on a June Bug, if I had figgered it out!

                If your sale does not happen, contact me.

                It is always nice to deal locally, so do that first.

                Arkansas has a severe unicycle shortage. I like to buy used, when I can.

                Thanks anyway!



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                  Hey David, put me third in line for the 24" Club, I could get it from you at the Asheville Munifest next month. I will be using it as a teaching/loaner.
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