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Studded 26" tire

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  • [For Sale: USA] Studded 26" tire

    Conti spike claw 240, 26x 2.1 tire. Near new; only a couple of rides on it. $40.00 plus shipping. I bought a pair of these from a b*ke rider and I only need one.


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    Thought I'd give this a bump before I store it away. I've been riding the other one for a bit. It rides well on everything I've thrown it - dirt, pavement, snow and ice, but I definitely prefer my 3.0 wide tire on trails - being a mere 2.1 wide tire, this doesn't absorb a lot of energy.

    In warm wet or dry conditions it handles perfectly well; the studs make a great sound too. When you hit snow/ice the feeling is not unlike someone had just thrown an even layer of sand on the ice - it's still perfectly possible to slip, but you have a world more control.

    I'd say this size is ideal for street/light trail, or just for trying out studs.

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