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    Yeah. Some protection is a good idea

    When I learnt to ride as a 13 yr old I didnt use anything. But on coming back to unicycling as a 30 yr old, I'm using much more in the way of pads

    For me priority is hands and wrists - I often land on the palms of my hands. Shredding the skin
    I've got a pair of KH pulse gloves

    And knees and shins
    I use 661 knee and shin pads
    The pedals can really take chunks out of your shins without some protection.

    I've never felt the need for elbow pads. But knowing my luck I'm sure to trash an elbow on my next ride having said that

    So get yourself a wheel, some pads and get started
    Let us know how you get on


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      Took the Plunge

      Well guys I purchased my very first Unicycle!
      Really glad to have your guys advice along this journey.
      I hope it pays off. Knee pads! Elbow pads and gloves good thinking!
      I'll make the investment.

      The one I bought!


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        Sure I will also shoot some pics Sat and post them as well. If theres any one near you that rides there input and physical support will be invaluable. Good idea a few posts back about safety gear. I am researching pads now and would appreciate some suggestions from the senior guys as to who's are the toughest.


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          Shin wraps to protect from pedal bite, jeans will work on the short term.

          Wrist guards to keep from braking them...when you fall.

          Knee and elbow? Never needed them, I can't remember the last time I hit a knee or elbow, but wrists for sure, I land on my hands all the time.

          Do yourself a favor and wear a helmet all the time, hate to read about you...
          I dream of hamsters and elderberries


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            Ben you busted your knee a goodobe when we rode in chatonoga
            Roses are red, violets are blue, may I procreate with you so I can ride a g32!! - Alan hogan


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              Hi all,
              I've been unicycling now for almost 2 years? Time flies.
              Learning as stated was quite difficult took me about 1 year of falling.
              My last trip was maybe 3miles and I've done 5.5Miles. I haven't used any protective equipment. I found a good pair of Jeans and closed toe shows to be adequate. Good pair of gloves would have saved some skin. (For tricks helmet and knee pads)

              I find my unicycle seat mighty uncomfortable after few miles. Anyone have a suggestion for a more comfortable seat.
              Again: I bought this model.


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                Padded Shorts

                After a certain point (for me) any seat tends to be uncomfortable on a long ride. I picked up some good quality mountain bike ,padded shorts and its all good. has some comfy seat on the Nimbus line. My 29" rides like a Cadillac I love it.