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    I get home the end of November I'm looking forward to meeting you and the unicycle will be my first opportunity to be around other unicyclist. I suspect it will be a great opportunity to learn and advance my skills

    20 inch Qu-Ax
    26 inch Yuni
    26 inch Flansberrium with 4.7 inch tire
    Two 36 inch Nimbus titans, one for home (Ca) and one for work (Alaska)


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      Im fairly new to the G36/127mm. Have recently gone back to it from the muni 26". 1st gear is great, its excellent. I can ride as fast as the lighter nongeared now. Can lean "forward falling", with hips raked back and handlebar at closer to horizontal position, also riding with arms in the back. Feels really fast and comfortable now. When I do put hands on bar I get that exrta control and leverage.
      Second gear practice today started out beastly hard, especially with my bar down more horizonal than usual. With previous bar set up, more vertical I can sit straighter and use it to pull up for that extra leverage needed to power the virtual 54".
      So I must've figured, my balance and spin is way out wack from all the practice on speed on first gear, leaning forward.
      So , as usual, back to my arms behind back(ABB) routine. Tough balls at first. It took me 20 mins of nervously rocking back and forth riding to finally relax and find that smooth cadence. It finally clicked afterwards! Still, with some effort, I can slolom, slow down to the speed of a slow pace walk. I can almost stall now with no hands on bar. Still, Im a few rides from being able to lean "falling forward" comfortably. I know if I can do it with (ABB) comfortably than I can do it even more confidently with bar.
      Really good practice today. Lovin it!