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  • Freewheel hub

    I am looking to purchase a freewheel hub similar to the one in the Coker Wheelman mini-penny. Would anyone out there know where I may purchase such an item? Also would anyone know who the manufacturer of the hub is?

    I am in Australia so I cannot buy from Coker cycles.

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    You could possibly use the hub from a Huffy Slider drift trike. Not sure if these are available in Aus, but these are similar to the Coker Wheelman freewheeling hub. The Slider has a 28-spoke wheel, so its not terribly good quality. Huffy also made a better quality drift trike with a 48-spoke wheel, but my sources tell me that production of this model has now ceased, though you might be lucky to find one somewhere. Good luck!
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      Romain from CDK shop had some hubs made by a friend, it's possible on these hubs to have freewheel or normal hub behaviour by tightening bolts. Ask him
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        Thank you for the replies. All sorted now.