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Mountain unicycling in the alps, team ridetriton

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  • Mountain unicycling in the alps, team ridetriton

    at 08.08 tritonriders Elke, Turtle, Sandy, Ziga and I stood at the beginning of the highest possible downhill in the alps.
    two days ago we started in Alagna Italy at 1190m joined by Toni Melton. several cable cars took us to 3200m high and from there it was an two hours walk across rock gardens and glacier to the Capanna Gnifetti 3647m while heavy sleet shouwers and wind.
    next morning we started with blue sky and minus degrees climbing up over endless glaciers to Signalkuppe, a peak of the second highest mountain of the alps the monte Rosa. the Signaluppe itself is the 6th highest peak of the alps with 4556m and on its top is the highest alpin hut of europe.
    in the evening we had a wonderful sunset
    next morning we started the downhill, at first with crampons in deep new snow from the days before. it was really hard riding and a bit tricky with crampons. after climbing up a pass in about 4300m snow was almost blown away and riding was beautyful.
    mountaineers from all over their way to the peaks enliven us as we rode down the glacier. only at areas with crevasses our scout recomand to build our rope team.
    it was a great day in muni live.
    back at the cable car Toni, Flo and Sarah joined us riding down to alagna.

    pic 1 ascend to Capanna Gnifetti 3647m
    pic 2 ascend to Capanna Margherita to 4556m...endless1
    pic 3 ridetriton team with guide: Ziga, Elke, Guide Andrea, Turtle, Sandy
    pic 4 view from the balkon of Margherita into Monte Rosa east face highest wall in the alps 2400hm
    pic 5 good feeeling to be on the top of this shadow!
    pic 6 sunset, the little nose in my wheel is the Matterhorn from above
    pic 7 "highest" drop of the alps, Ziga
    pic 8 "highest" jump of the alps, Turtle
    pic 9 "highest" downhill of the alps

    there will follow a video in oktober
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    bei tierquälern hört die toleranz auf.
    wer elfenbein konsumiert tötet elefanten,
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    They're some absolutely incredible photos! I've wanted to ride in the Alps ever since I took up MUni, as well as climb some of the mountains around and including Monte Rosa.
    Very impressive!


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      I saw the full album on fb and it is marvelous. What's next? Himalaya? My unicycling adventures including RomUni ride.


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        video is coming in oktober

        trailer here:

        [ame=""]Signalkuppe - ridetriton - YouTube[/ame]
        bei tierquälern hört die toleranz auf.
        wer elfenbein konsumiert tötet elefanten,
        wer fleisch ißt quält und tötet


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          Awesome, beautiful, great effort, and the pics/video are sweet. That must have been an incredible experiance for all of you; love and respect those mountains! Thanks for sharing.


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            So. Cool. Congrats guys, can't wait for the video. In the meanwhile, is there a way to make public the above mentioned "full album" ?
            Monodimensional man