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125 or 137s for Trials

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  • 125 or 137s for Trials

    I was just wondering to see what you guys think is better for trials. 125s or 137s? When I ordered my trials unicycle I asked for 125 moments. What do you guys use? Does it make a big difference?

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    Most people prefer 137 for trials. The greater leverage makes it more "stable". If you're just starting out it won't make much of a difference so i wouldn't worry about it.
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      For strictly Trials riding, the 137s are preferred because you want control more than speed. If you are doing Street and/or Flatland riding in addition to Trials, then the 125s are probably better. As GShoe said, either one will work fine for all of the above until you get more experience.
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        I prefer 137s over 125 due to leverage
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