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    Originally posted by danger_uni View Post
    I really agree with you about the need to reduce carbon footprints. It's just that in the case of the incredibly dilute unicycling community, it's tough to define what is "local".
    We can't escape the global aspects of wares.
    My latest Muni I called "frankenMuni" because it was assembled (in Germany!) from parts from all over the world:
    - frame is russian
    - hub is it italian
    - handle is American (scott Wallis)
    - then I do not know where all parts were really built but their "make" are from different countries:
    * Rim and tire are Surly
    * saddle is KH
    * cranks are Koxx-one
    * seat post is Addict
    * pedals are Wellgo

    and rider is french
    One Wheel : bear necessity
    (Abuello RodoMancat)


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      I can't speak for Canada, but the labor force in America definitely ain't what it used to be. I think it will come back someday, but probably not in my lifetime.

      My wife drives a Ford Fusion that was built in Mexico, while my neighbor drives a Toyota Camry that was voted "Most American Made car" by several magazines.

      It's hard to fault Kris for "out-sourcing" his manufacturing for a niche product like Unicycles when one of the oldest American car companies is doing the same thing for a product that the majority of American families own.

      BTW, what's the deal with all the forged KH seat posts being out of stock right now? I just bought a KH Trials frame to replace my Nimbus, but I can't use it yet cause I don't have the right seat post.
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