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Announcing a book: The Essential Guide to Mountain and Trials Unicycling

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  • It is a terrific book, Kris. Very impressed with mine. I can see I have a lot to learn and practise before I'm ready for any serious MUni.

    The advice in your book has been very helpful and I love the way it is presented in an undogmatic manner. Far too many books on other sports claim to hold the 'one true way' of achieving something, but yours gives a wider view.

    The techniques are presented in a logical order and the reasons for learning them are as well explained as the technique itself.

    On the bonus side, it has some great pictures too, as others have pointed out
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    • thank you so much!!!!!!
      I thank you the most for the quick reply and great answer, but overall i am very happy!
      I will use this quote for reasons in my report! It will work great
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      And you thought 2 wheels were hard!