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For sale MUni 24" and Uni 20"

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  • For sale MUni 24" and Uni 20"

    Hi everybody, I have for sale: MUni 24" (Duro Wildlife 24"x3" tire, Qu-Ax double rim, Qu-Ax yellow ISIS hub, KH moment cranks 150mm or 165mm, QX series frame black, KH adjustable seat post, Impact seat post clamp, KH fusion freeride saddle, Author A-Gang pedals, KH reinforcement plate, Magura HS33 brake) or Uni 20" (Gusset green 20"x2,1", BMX double rim - very strong, Qu-Ax yellow ISIS hub, KH moment cranks 125mm, KH Rollo discs, QX series frame white, KH reinforced seat post, QX series seat post clamp, KH street trials sadle 2010, DX KH plastic pedals, KH reinforcement plate). I have also many spare parts if you want...
    MUni 24" - before: 520€ - now 450€ - driven about 300km without any damage
    Uni 20" - before: 400€ - now 350€
    - like new
    Some parts like brake, KH reinforcement plate, pedals, seat post, seat post clamps, seat, cranks I can leave out and count out from total price. I can send both unis all over the Europe.
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    You should probably post this in the trading post, you might have more success there.

    Good luck with the sale.
    85cm static sidehop
    200cm gap
    80 second standstill


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      Thanks for your help. I´ve allready done it.


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        Maybe you need only 24" QX frame (black) - 60€ or wheel set - 80€...


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          Everything is SOLD! Thank you.