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rolling hops in muni...what is realistic

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    Originally posted by unihopper View Post
    Depending on how much space you have as you approach an obstacle, you can do a small zig-zag in order to get your cranks lined up for the hop.

    You can actually practice this to the point of having almost perfect pedal position for a large hop.

    :My advice and Experience using "zig-zaging" to get the pedal position you want:

    -Have an object to jump on/over, ride up to it, subconsciously observing the distance along with your speed/cadence. When you get to the object either your feet will line up, be too vertical, or be in your non-dominant stance.

    -Pay attention to when it worked and when it dident, and when you knew you had it or you blew it.

    -Now work on having this "got it/don't got it" feeling earlier and further from the object, eventually you should be able to tell if its gonna work at least 10ft before getting there.

    SO you have the feeling its not gonna line up just right...

    -Zig-zag the unicycle back and forth making the tire travel further it would have in a straight shot.

    -Keep your body's momentum straight towards the object as much as possible and maintain/increase your cadence. Larger zags = greater alteration of pedal position at upcoming obstacle)

    -If you've practiced, you'll get a little feeling inside, like you'er locked in, and know the jump will line up. When you get this feeling, stop zig-zaging, keeping your body's unchanged momentum and wheel's unchanged velocity, then nail the jump!

    I start zig-zaging a littel bit as soon as I see a potential rolling hop.
    This is great for situations such as a down tree across the trail. Also Useful for keeping flow, speed for a stair set or drop where the forward distance needed is over ~1/2 the drop height.

    This is harder on more technical terrain, but still doable, especially if you have a brake and skills are advanced enough to drop/land with it.
    Keeping one finger on the lever to module speed/improve control will (hopefully) let you sneak in some extra tire rotation and feel that "Click". Landing finger on also allows immediate dissipation of kinetic energy from the drop as you brakes turn it into heat as you stylishly continue downhill.

    I have best luck with this on 24"-26" -20" is more hit or miss and 29" takes bigger wobbles and is harder because you have less time and fewer chances to get "the click"

    Do other riders use a similar technique? Alternatives?


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      great thread guys! awesome advice!
      I was doing some half hearted trail riding around woods few weeks back, being chased/chasing my 6yr old sister in law, and she had got the idea in her head to put logs/rocks/whatever she found in front of me for fun.
      I was going quite fast(for me ) at one point at I think this "pedals lining up just right" you guys are saying must of happened i didnt plan it or anything it just felt "right" to leap straight up and forward as i was riding. i cleared it no problem.
      shocked me because im generally not a very good hopper/jumper anyway. I was trying it since then as i came on obstacles but couldnt figure out how i got it so right a few times when most of time i couldnt really get a decent hop at all at the log or whatever it was.

      Now i think im starting to get the hang of it, or at least getting a feel for if its gonna line up or not. Haven't really put much into zigzagging or prehopping when it isnt lining up right but all tips and info here have helped alot

      my two cents being i find the faster, within reason, your going even if it doesnt line up great; between any bit of vertical rise u get and your speed usually gets you over the obstacle. even if its kind of a hop/rollover rather than clear jump over.

      I've found aswell shifting your weight back a little approaching the jump as if your getting ready to stop/slow down; while keeping your speed up, and kind of flinging you(and uni) forward as you jump up, gives a real nice pop to it. If that makes any sense at all