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Do you get mad when someone says you should join the circus?

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  • Do you get mad when someone says you should join the circus?

    Non-riders usually associate unicycles with the circus. While this can be a good thing and there are many amazing circus acts done on unicycles, there's also the "clown on a unicycle" implication the circus has as well. How mad do you get when someone tells you you should join the circus?
    It makes me SO MAD!!!
    It annoys me.
    I ignore them.
    I take it as a compliment, actually.
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    Where's the option "I'm already in it" ?


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      Originally posted by emile View Post
      Where's the option "I'm already in it" ?
      The fourth option, "I take it as a compliment actually", unless you are insulted by someone suggesting you join when you are already in it.

      Sometimes I am a bit annoyed by the tone in which people deliver their clown or circus suggestions, but to get angry about it is just feeding their trolling cos they know it is a sensitive subject for some unicyclists- especially if they react strongly.

      By over-reacting to circus comments the rider implies that circus activities or clowning is shameful, which it is not, and it is a bit shameful for unicyclists to act prejudiced against other forms of unicycling/circus.


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        Someone saying I should join the circus is certainly annoying. I think I would place it five steps less annoying than seeing useless polls posted in RSU.
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          First I learned that unicycles were used in the circus. I was 4.
          Then I learned there are small number of people who ride unicycles as a sport. I was 33.

          I get annoyed when people relate my unicycling with the circus, but then quickly realize I did too for most of my life. History is what it is. And people can't be exposed to every little niche interest in the world. Just smile and move on.

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            Originally posted by emile View Post
            Where's the option "I'm already in it" ?
            I was going to say the same xD
            Sauron Zerg
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              Originally posted by Rowan View Post
              ...they know it is a sensitive subject for some unicyclists- especially if they react strongly.
              On the contrary, the vast majority of the world doesn't know the least thing about unicyclists, or unicycles. So don't take it personally.

              I used to be in the circus.

              These days, my standard answer to "Are you in the circus?" is "No, are you?" If the question is about joining the circus, you can say "After you."
              John Foss

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                I hate to put it this way. It's hard for me to get pissed when I'm Unicycling.

                So Fuck em!!!!


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                  The stereotype annoys me. Probably because circuses and clowns annoy me. But as Muniorbust says - I thought the same until Kris Holm enlitened me.
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                    I have no problem with it because I really couldn't care less about what people think about my unicycling. Actually I've watched circus unicyclists and I only wish I was 10% as good as those folks! So to say I should ride in the circus could be taken as a compliment that I'm actually good enough to perform for the circus (which I'm not). The only people who've used this comment have been friends of mine and they don't mean it as an insult....


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                      I try to interpret "you should be in the circus" comments as "that's so cool that I would buy a ticket to watch"
                      Chris Hubick


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                        Theres little more you can do apart from laugh when your as tall as me, have an afro and large feet and ride round on a unicycle and drive a classic mini.... I'm just asking for it.


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                          The Circus guys are getting paid to unicycle. It is their gig.
                          Most folks would not know what a unicycle is without the circus connection...
                          Whether it is a job, hobby, passion or sport .....just enjoy it.
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                          Now that was offensive.
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                            I was riding down a local hill earlier this week and am used to getting all sorts of comments. I've never had any bad feeling about some of the classic lines. This person just waited til I'd gone past and started whistling the circus theme. I thought he was being a bit sly and trying to impress his girlfriend, and I had to stop myself from saying..... "if I'm a clown you must be a ringmaster"

                            Most other people offer complimentary stuff though so I'm ok usually.


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                              Yeah, it annoys me. But I think it's because they've never seen Kris Holm ride, or Dan Heaton, or other unicyclists, so they don't know how hardcore it can be!
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