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    Originally posted by MT High View Post
    Race 2 in Melbourne's Dirty Deeds Urban Cyclocross series is on tomorrow (Sunday). Come down to Jackson Reserve in Coburg North to race or watch. I will be racing the Nimbus Oregon again. Hope to see you there.

    More info:Dirty Deeds blog

    jaw drop!
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      Damn those Oregons are photogenic. .. Oh and you look pretty cool too, MT High
      I'd love to see some video.


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        MT High - that's the coolest uni riding picture I've seen in quite a while! AMAZING!

        And yes, video would be awesome too.
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          Originally posted by MT High View Post
          Race 2 in Melbourne's Dirty Deeds Urban Cyclocross series is on tomorrow (Sunday). Come down to Jackson Reserve in Coburg North to race or watch. I will be racing the Nimbus Oregon again. Hope to see you there.

          Looks like the frame is on backwards.
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          What's next?


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            the uni is backwards he isnt on it just junping in the air next to it look at the pedals
            rolling mount is the best option can you really amagine a side mount whlist moving ?
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              Howdy all,

              I raced in the unicycle division of a local CX race a few weeks back. I rode my 36er GUNI so I could ride some of the straights in high gear. The issue with that was that my uni was quite heavy to haul over barriers whilst running at full speed. To do this, I dismounted off the back riding towards the barriers, pushed the uni for the last metre or so, then grabbed the wheel and lifted the uni over the barrier, whilst running as well. Talk about fun! I managed to place 1st out of a field of 1 unicycle, but in the process I beat 4 competitors on bikes (2 actually, and 2 DNF's, one of whom stopped riding after I lapped her!!)

              I recommend riding in CX races, the organisers are usually laid back, and out of my experience other riders are really friendly. You shouldn't race expecting to be competitive with b*&%s, just get out there, ride and have fun, and maybe you can beat a few 2 wheeled contraptions in the process!

              Here's a shot of me clearing a log barrier. Have a nice day

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                There's another CX race in Adelaide's southern parklands this Saturday morning. I hope to see some other unis there!



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                  Here's some pics from the race I did. I didn't even come last!
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                    ^ Well done!

                    I suspect riding a uni is an advantage when negotiating the barriers; being less cumbersome than a bike.

                    Our next race here in Melbourne is on next Sunday, 21st August, at the Harrison St velodrome in Brunswick. Racing starts at 1pm, get there earlier for registration if you want to race.

                    I will be racing again on the Oregon. Last time I placed 30th out of 40 riders. It will be hard to beat that result but should be fun trying.


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                      Well done Rox,
                      looks like you had a lot of fun.
                      The weather looked brilliant too. Not blimmin hot like here!

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                        I would say Cyclocross is actually one of the most ideal races for a MUni. Its not too long (at Cross Crusade in Portland we only do like one or one and a half laps) and has a lot of fun challenges. I rode a 29er with 150mm cranks, but 125mm could be worth a try as long as there aren't too many long bumpy climbs. The bikers I met loved the uni action, so I wouldn't be too worried about it. What are they going to do? Slap you? Cyclocross is so fun on a uni, I have contemplated getting a bike to double up the fun!


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                          Had an awesome day of racing at the Brunswick velodrome here in Melbourne. It included probably the worst mud we have had in the series and some challenging hill sections. Today we had two unicycles racing in the open class. Hopefully next year we can get a few more unicycles competing.

                          Peter's wheel after the race:


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                            Held in the inner suburbs of Melbourne, Australia, the Dirty Deeds cyclocross races attract a broad spectrum of representatives from the local cycling community. Competitors included A grade roadies, 3 year old kids, elite mountain bikers, hipsters and even a bloke from Narre Warren. This year the series included a prologue plus three rounds held at three different venues.

                            With a Nimbus Oregon from I turned up at the first round not really knowing what to expect. I was not sure if they would let me enter but having a helmet and a machine with a working brake was deemed sufficient by the officials to let me race. I took in a couple of practice laps to hone my technique before resting up for the main event. I was racing in the open class for non-cyclocross vehicles, mainly against mountain bikers. Competitors have 30 minutes to complete as many laps of the 1.5 km long course as possible. At the starting line I positioned myself at the back of the bunch to stay out of people’s way. The start of any race is probably my second favourite part of a race - I love the mad rush of all the riders trying to get ahead of each other. In this race I was hoping not to stack it in front of the crowd along the main straight as much as I wanted to keep up. I managed to pass a couple of riders early in the race and completed the first lap without being lapped. Some of the terrain was quite technical with off camber hillsides and a number of slippery bog holes to be negotiated. The course deteriorated steadily as the race progressed with the bog holes getting bigger and boggier each lap. The oversized, monster truck style Larry tyre on the Oregon got me through the course with a minimum of unplanned dismounts. It soaked up the hidden bumps and holes in the long grass that would normally throw me off. I also made it through the worst of the mud providing I used a good riding technique. The light weight and compact nature of the uni also gave me an advantage over the bikes when jumping the barriers.

                            On my final lap I passed (lapped) the tail end of the bike riders. At the end I was completely worn out after only 30 minutes of riding but happy to have finished my first cx race.

                            Round two was held a few weeks later and I felt much more mentally prepared. The course featured a long hill with a steep section just before the top and plenty of slippery mud sections which caught out some of the bikes. As I headed into one corner I heard a bike rider call out passing just prior to hearing him hit the deck whilst still behind me. I had passed a rider in a satanic costume early in the race but the devil was at my heels for some time. I made an ungraceful dismount whilst trying to hop off before jumping a barrier, causing the commentator to remark there may have been an ungodly intervention responsible for my fall (or The Fall). This round included a pair of riders who were racing on a tandem BMX. They got a good start but as the course turned to slop I started catching up to them. Mid race we were passing each other in different sections of the course. In the last laps I finally passed the BMX and then the bloke from Narre Warren just before the finish. I managed to place 30th out of the 40 riders who finished. This was to be the toughest course of the round and my best finishing position – probably not a coincidence. When the going gets tough, the unicycle’s lower top speed is less of an issue and the extra traction helps no end.

                            The final round was held after a week of rain at the Brunswick velodrome. The course wound its way around the park surrounding the velodrome, along the velodrome track itself and incorporated the soggy grass of the infield. This course promised to be a lot of fun which was confirmed by my sighting lap. It contained a bit more concrete than the other races but a very muddy infield section to help slow the bikes down. A second unicycle rider joined me for this round so it was great to have some one wheeled company. Once the race was underway I really started to enjoy the course and this enthusiasm only helped to speed me along. Under the tyres of all the bikes the infield of the velodrome rapidly turned into a quagmire. Luckily the high floatation of the Larry tyre made the conditions mostly rideable. Mid race I was lapped by the second placed rider and managed to stay on his wheel through much of the infield section due to the difficulty of the mud. The greasy mud behind the velodrome made for some spectacular slides, drifts and skids from the Oregon; thankfully the fat monster tyre allowed me to stay on top of it. The spectators lining the velodrome were very supportive of the unicycles, a big thank you to everyone who attended. I look forward to returning next year, the races were great fun with a fantastic atmosphere. Hopefully there may be a few more unicyclists competing.

                            Sidenotes: I raced the Oregon in almost stock form. The only modifications I made were to cut the seat post down to a rideable length; aswell as spraying the frame, rim and tyre sidewalls with silicone spray to keep the mud off (and the weight down). I ran the tyre at maximum tyre pressure, around 35 psi. With a variety of surfaces ranging from sticky mud to solid concrete all in the one course any particular pressure is going to be a compromise. In future races I may try experimenting with the pressure.
                            The Larry tyre has a nominal size of 26” but the roll out is closer to a 29” mtb tyre. This gearing allowed me ride most of each course without having to spin like a crazed egg-beater on the easier sections. The unicycle was faultless in operation with zero mechanical issues. Melbourne is a notoriously flat city, so the brake did not get much usage. The modulation of the disc brake is peerless – a great help for someone like myself who has little experience with brake equipped unicycles.
                            As the most inappropriate “bike” in the series I won a Shogun Metro bicycle from Commuter Cycles.


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                              Thanks to this post I entered a local cyclocross race yesterday and it was awesome!

                              I did ask race officials a few days ahead, they were a bit skeptical at first but said it would be fine. The course was 1.5 miles and the beginner class I entered rode for 30 minutes. I finished 3 laps on my Nimbus Oregon and came in 18th out of 20 riders. Only about 8 people lapped me, there was plenty of room on the course to pass so that was not an issue. Course was mostly flat with 2 barriers I had to dismount and carry the uni over. I chose to keep my forward momentum going and dismount off the front and continue into a run, catching the back of the saddle with my right hand and jump over the barriers. I did a running jump mount and it seemed pretty fast. There was a sandy section, gravel, a few ditch crossings, it was a blast. Everyone was very encouraging and pretty impressed with the uni!

                              Cyclocross races do seem to be pretty fun and laid back events. I'm looking forward to doing more and setting up my 36er for the flatter courses. The 36er would have been a lot faster.

                              Thanks again for the positive replies here, I'd encourage everyone to get their uni's out in the mix at different cycling events.

                              I love...big rides, gravel, beach, road, xc single track, cyclocross, racing against bikes and I'm a proud 36er snob!


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                                Looks like a fun event. I want to participate in a CX race one of these days.
                                Are you guys planning to participate in any other CX race ? Please, post here the CX events that you plan to join. thanks.
                                human being