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  • Originally posted by Dane M View Post
    I have a pretty simple brag for today.... Today I went for a Muni ride.

    It meant a lot to me. I haven't been for a real ride in about 6 years. Recently I have been getting in shape, I lost 35lbs, I've been eating vegan and cooking all my own food (something new for me) I've been social and active and expressive and I have a lot of big goals this year that I'm confident I can achieve.

    One thing I really wanted to do was get back into Muni. But it had been so long that I wasn't sure if I would still enjoy it. Today proved I'm on the right path, as even though my legs are in horrible shape for riding, and I'm dead tired, I actually rode a lot of intense terrain that I wouldn't have even attempted back when I was riding more consistently. Which I attribute to my recent boost in confidence but also I just noticed how much more nimble and capable I was without carrying all that extra weight. It really was amazing.

    That's all! Oh and all my new gear fit me and was amazing and I can't wait for my new shorts because these were so huge and terribly uncomfortable haha. I definitely will be picking up a new KH29 soon, super excited for that. Might even throw it on a credit card, it's worth it for the happiness right?
    Well done on the weight loss. Kudos
    And muni is hard....
    If you are female please join the Female Unicyclists! group on Facebook!


    • freestyle

      So last week worked on some freestyle stuff:
      • backwards figure 8 (after quite a few tries)
      • 3 one-footed circles clockwise with right-foot (> 40 revs, probably more)
      • 1 one-footed circles counter-clockwise with right-foot
      • 100 one-footed idles left foot
      • 80 one-footed idles right foot
      • 1-2 revs one-footed left foot
      • wheel walk slowly progessing to about 7-8 kicks
      • one-footed glide slowly progessing to about 10 kicks

      For some weird reason I can idle one-footed with the left foot really well (better than right) but cannot ride one-footed with the left (but can well with the right). It is for sure related to my previous ACL tear of my dominant right leg (right is more coordinated but still have remnants of a muscle avoidance behavior for the 5 years before my second operation where my right knee was unstable).

      And the week before I played unicycle hockey for the first time, which as expected I really enjoyed.
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      Schlumpf (KH29) Duro Crux 29x3.25 137/117 Spirits
      26" Nimbus, Maxxis DHR IIx2.8, 117/137 Sprt
      19" Trials Impact Athmos
      20" Qu-Ax Profi Freestyle, 89mm VCX