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Upgraded and new KH Saddles for May'11

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  • Upgraded and new KH Saddles for May'11


    I'm happy to say that new KH saddle updates are coming. Some of these were announced last March but are only coming out now.

    Major Updates are:
    1) New Fusion Slim saddle
    2) New saddle front handle
    3) Upgraded Fusion Street saddle; and
    4) Improved security of the threaded inserts

    Here are details:

    1) New saddle front handle:
    -No hole in the top, to avoid catching your fingers
    -More rounded grip, with a reshaped underside. This both improves comfort and also gives more room for your fingers when gripping the handle towards the side.
    -Slightly stiffer
    -Has the correct recycling logo (PP#5) for end-of-life disposal.
    -See the attached photo

    2) New Fusion Slim Saddle
    -Very thin across the entire saddle profile
    -Center cutaway and stretch nylon top are easy to grip, even with sweaty hands.
    -Aimed at flatland riders and anyone else wanting a thin-as-possible saddle
    -Available in black with silver accent thread
    -See the attached photo

    3) Improved Fusion Street Saddle
    -10 mm thinner in the back, to improve gripping from the side. I really like the new shape - for me it is optimal for distance riding with a touring handle, for trials, and for technical muni (for XC muni I still use the Freeride saddle).
    -It is as thin as the Fusion Slim in the front and back, but has about 10 mm more cushioning and a deeper cutaway through the middle.
    -Saddle cover top fabric is now durable stretch nylon (same as the Freeride). This fabric is secure to grip with sweaty hands, and it improves comfort by conforming to the centre cutaway. It also lets you curl your thumb around into the centre groove when holding the saddle on the side.

    3) Improved security of threaded inserts
    -Threaded inserts are now tack welded to the reinforcement plate to prevent turning

    You should see the new gear at in the next 1-4 weeks, and elsewhere soon after that.

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    Thanks for the much needed improvements Kris! Can't wait to try them out.

    -Kevin Kartchner
    Kris Holm Factory Team (USA)
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      Will Bedford carry the new products?


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        Kris that is one awesome saddle!

        It looks great and the specs sound great as well! I dont ride with thin saddles but if i ever try one out i will most defiantly purchase this saddle before any other thin saddles

        Keep up the good work and thank you very much for your products

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          Saaah-wheeeet Streeet saddle, Kris. And looking forward to replacing the handle on my 20" ride too. Nice.

          -UPD in Utah


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            Very cool! The only thing I'm not so sure about is the gap-less handle. My fingers go through the gap, and they would be squished without it. But everything else looks nice


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              I'll say it before Ken does...

              Great to see a flatter, less padded saddle (pretty similar to the Street?). The Fusion Slim looks like the discerning distance unicyclist's saddle of choice. I look forward to trying one out.



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                Thanks for the update. I just wanted to buy another Fusion street saddle. Now I'll wait for the new ones.

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                  awesome!! I'm really interested in the handle ^^
                  And how thin is the saddle really? is it has thin as koxx-one saddle?(luxery,alien backflip,..) if so.. I'm maby also interested in that saddle because I keep on braking saddles and impact cf base it to expensive xD
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                    Kris, has the seat base mold changed or is just the foam molded differently?
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                      I'm definitely buying some of those handles, and the slimmer saddle looks awesome too.
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                        Very cool but not shure about the holeless handle
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                          Originally posted by Dane M View Post
                          Very cool! The only thing I'm not so sure about is the gap-less handle. My fingers go through the gap, and they would be squished without it. But everything else looks nice
                          How do you hold the handle then? I'd say I have average size hands and my fingers are no where near the hole. I hold it more in my fingers than my palm I suppose but isn't this how most people hold the handle.
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                            Thanks for the positive responses. =) Designing a saddle is a very expensive process (many 10's of thousands of dollars) and it has taken quite a few years to get to this point. The front handle was the last injection molded part on my to-do list for this saddle, so it's cool to see it becoming available.

                            The original (1st gen) saddle base and front handle resulted from initial conversations I had with Velo back in 2000. They already had the basic saddle frame mold but it was weaker and lacked any reinforcement plate (you could fold the saddle like book!). I worked with them (and paid for) the tooling for the original front handle and reinforcement plate, and had them modify the saddle base to be slightly stronger and also more comfortable to grab. That is the setup that KH saddles used from 2003-2008, and it's still being used by anyone spec'ing a Velo-manufactured saddle (Impact, Koxx, etc.). The difference between models on those ones is foam and seatcover characteristics, not the base.

                            But modifying an existing base can only go so far. For the next gen KH base I wanted something completely new, that was stronger and stiffer but not supremely expensive like a CF base. That was the major project of 2007-2009. I worked with Scott Wallis on it (who makes the super nice and very expensive CF bases). We used computer modelling to examine the stress distribution across the base, so we could tweak it for the best strength-weight ratio. That resulted in the current base, which is used on all KH saddles and also under license by Nimbus. No one else uses this base.



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                              Kris Holm: Making the best in production even better! How do you do it? Nice! You are an inspiration.
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