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I learned to unicycle in Google!

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  • I learned to unicycle in Google!

    Every week a bunch of unicycle riders are meeting in Kfar Saba, a small town in Israel for a couple of hours urban riding.
    I set up a rope between 2 poles to help new riders - and we always welcome new and uni-less riders to join us.

    This week a 16 year young girl came for the first time and you could see from the first moment that she has talent.

    Knowing that this is her first time with us I ask her where she learned to ride.

    and she replies: "I learned to ride in google", sounding like this is the most natural thing to do.

    I was awestruck - I always knew that you could see new trick and get ideas from google and youtube - but getting better that fast was something I never thought was possible!

    so, wanting to learn more about her google learning habits I press on with the question and learn the simple truth behing the statement:

    Her dad work for google. They have a simple unicycle at the local google HQ. She learned to ride the unicycle in the local Google HQ.
    my site (hebrew): חד אופן

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    That's awesome, I love Google. At least as long as they stick to their 'don't be evil' policy and keep my data safe...


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      That's very cool. Google should start spelling their name with only one "o".
      - Kenny


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        Google Vs Facebook

        I guess that this is just another example of keeping up with the Jones's. Facebook always had a unicycle at thier headquarters so I guess that Google couldn't be outdone!

        Keep your eyes on the stars and your feet on the pedals, and you will accomplish great feats!

        The Unicycling Commune