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You know you're a unicyclist when...

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    When your balls auto.retract once your but hits the seat.


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      you hear "all-wheel-drive vehicle" and assume unicycle.

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        You know you're a unicyclist...When someone draws you as an "action hero", lol!
        (And when you think the word "Universe" is a passage in a poem about unicycling! )

        Click image for larger version

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        (Artwork by Geoff Bond)
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          Originally posted by mexico7 View Post
          ......your readin this thread
          Good one!
          Originally posted by Muninjitsu View Post
          The best one to date is; "Is that a fixed wheel single speed"
          My Schlumpf isn't.
          Originally posted by aarons View Post
          ... when the walls inside your house have tire tracks on them. I keep painting over them, but they keep coming back.
          Maybe you need to try a different brand of paint?
          Originally posted by Tucson Uni View Post
          when you own so many unicycles that your spouse stops being surprised when you buy another one.
          I wish.
          Originally posted by Muninjitsu View Post
          When your balls auto.retract once your but hits the seat.
          I gotta get me one of those!
          Originally posted by MuniAddict View Post
          ...when you think the word "Universe" is a passage in a poem about unicycling!
          Isn't it a title of a blockbuster, earth-changing video?
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          John Foss

          "Who is going to argue with a mom who can ride a unicycle?" -- Forums member "HiMo"


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            Soooo many of these apply

            when you see a bike tire and get excited because you thought it was a uni.
            Haha yeah

            *When you associate Bhutan with unicycling.
            "Ride It Baby!"


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              still chuckling at;
              "*You pull up on your steering wheel when driving up a hill"

              Made me laugh out loud, but i never write the abbreviated version of that....

              Good list.


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                You know you're a STREET unicyclist when:

                you count all the stairs in the street


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                  One I thought of today:

                  You know you're a unicyclist when:
                  *Every time you see 'moments' in physics you think of KH cranks
                  "Ride It Baby!"


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                    I dont know if it already has been said but...

                    You know you're a unicyclist when everytime you get on a bike you think it's really funny to ride

                    You know you're a unicyclist when some unknown people ask you if you're the unicycle guy/girl!
                    Jakob F.


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                      You know your a unicyclist when you hop on a bike and start going as fast as you can to see if you adrenaline level will compare to that of your 36 er


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                        another of my favourites:

                        -The first thought that comes across your mind when you regain consciousness is: "is my unicycle ok?"
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                        Induni: The India Unicycle Tour

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                          You know you are a unicyclist when......

                          You run around town with a 6 foot level and a yard stick measuring the percent grade of all the hills to decide which ones you can ride with your 36er.


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                            you know youre a unicyclist when...

                            you're sitting at a stoplight and someone honks at you from behind because you didnt notice the green light due to the fact you're staring at that awesome trials line next to you..
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                              Originally posted by johnfoss View Post
                              My Schlumpf isn't.
                              Isn't the schlumpf a fixed 2 speed? Fixed merely means it's not a free wheel in any direction doesn't it?


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                                You no you are a unicyclist when...

                                You wear a tshirt that reads I CANT MULTITASK....or no Ive not lost a wheel Ive gained one