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Muni: Bavington State Game Lands/Hillman State Park

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  • Muni: Bavington State Game Lands/Hillman State Park

    Has anyone here ever ridden the trails at Hillman State Park? It also goes by Bavington State Game Lands by the MTB/BMX community. I'm looking to make my first real attempt at Muni there in the coming month or two and I'd like a heads up on what's easy or doable. They have 25+ miles of trails, so I'd rather not just go explore.


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    Calling all Western PA and Eastern OH muni riders! Anyone ridden here? It's supposedly the best riding near Pittsburgh.


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      It's good riding. The Month Of Mud Series has used a Bavington course for an off road mountain bike Time Trial the last several years. I'm not sure which part is ridden, but it's around a 7 mi. loop. I've done it the past 2 yrs on a uni and we've got enough locals we may try to add a uni class this year.

      It is fun to ride, but I wouldn't say it's the best riding in the area. Personal opinion- I like things a bit more technical and hilly.

      We, the Butler Wobble, ride a fair amount of muni. We do bike/uni polo, trials, and some 36er riding too. Butler, PA isn't too far of a trip for you. Check out and give us a call. Also- Chas at ProBikes (mainly Squirrel Hill) is a muni rider and looking to put together more Muni stuff in the Pittsburgh area.
      dave krack


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        Thanks! I've talked to Chas and gotten a tire from those guys. I'll check out the Butler stuff, but it's a little far for me (over an hour and half from Washington).