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    Originally posted by LarsenAA View Post
    ...then I realized that my crank (moment I think you call them) is out of alignment.
    Ahahahaha! I'm not laughing at your misfortune, instead I find it funny that you thought unicyclers called cranks "moments." They don't really, but a lot of riders covet the Kris Holm brand of cranks which are named Moments.

    Could you post a picture of the cranks? From what I've read I think they are one solid piece on that unicycle but I'm not sure. Either way there might be a way to realign them well enough so that they don't hinder your learning.

    Really glad to hear you are enjoying it. Hey if you do manage to find out that you love unicycling the money you saved not getting a nicer beginner unicycle can go towards a better "upgraded" ride, and if you'll want to do MUni you'd have probably ended up getting a new uni regardless of the one you started on.


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      Try stopping by the local bike shop (LBS) to see if they have a seat post shim that will tighten your post evenly in the frame. You might be able to use a clamp after that. BTW it looks like the frame is bent in the picture.

      $25 bucks is a small entry fee and look - you are already learning a lot!
      There are plenty of decent learner uni's on for under a hundred bucks. There really isn't a vintage unicycle market just fyi - the new ones are better!

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        If your cranks are misaligned it can mean two things: one of the cranks is stripped or the hub is bent from someone doing jumps or hops on the uni. Your local bike shop can quickly check the cranks, but they won't be able to help with the hub. If it's the hub I'd just buy a whole new unicycle because it'll annoy the hell out of you and the frustration will interfere with your progress. I don't thinks bent hubs are fixable.
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          Just have to deal with it.

          Thank you all for the replies. If for no other reason to ride a unicycle it would be worth it to be part of this community. I have been reading a lot of forums and everyone is so nice and helpful. I guess because of all of my reading that is where I got confused about the crank/moment difference. We don’t have to mention to Kris that I thought I had “moments” on my sweet hedstrom Uni. Lol

          I took some pictures of the crank, and also how it attaches to the hub. I tried to put the crank on straight, but the bolt that goes through also is wedge shaped and when I get it tight it moves it over out of alignment. I think it is the way it was machined. At any rate, there are guys out there that ride one footed and I hope to be one someday, so I might as well practice by getting my down pedal further back before pushing the top one forward.

          Thanks again for humoring me and taking a look at my post. Someday you will be able to say that you know a guy that learned on a hedstrom uni with crooked cranks. If I ever did Muni with this, I would probably ghost ride it off a cliff.
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            I think you may be putting the bolt in from the wrong side of the crank. By the way, the name of the bolt is a cotter. It wedges the crank to the axle shaft. Cottered cranks were notorious for coming loose and need constant retightening. If you Google "cottered cranks" you'll find some good info about the best ways to adjust the pins. If you just tighten the nut on the bolt, it wont hold for long. You have to insert the bolt, tap it into place, then tighten the nut. Repeat as necessary.


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              Another couple of weeks and you'll be an expert at repairing unicycles.

              Progress is a good thing. Keep at it!


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                On the top picture you posted 4 June the cranks seem only slightly out of alignment. Much less than "when my right foot is at 6 o'clock my left foot is hanging out at around 10:45- 11:00". The cottered crank system is oldfashioned and not used anymore on new bicycles or unicycles (AFAIK), for good reasons! Kudos to you if you manage to learn riding on this 'vintage' unicycle. Treat it carefully though. Its best use is probably for a unicycle museum :-)