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Mount Diablo Challenge 2009

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    Excellent time, Harry. You beat my 2012 time of 1:14:14.7 by 11.8 seconds. Looks like I'll have to start training for next year.
    I couldn't make it this year as I was pretty sick the week before.
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      8.919 mph average over 11.2 miles. Average grade of 5.5%. Very good!
      Happy Birthday Terry! Every year you get cooler, younger and unicyclier!
      Be our muniprohpet for many years more.
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        Originally posted by LanceB View Post
        Congrats on the great job, Harry! (Particularly since I believe you aren't a long-time veteran rider -- 3 or 4 years riding, isn't that right?)
        Very impressive! Cheers!
        Thanks! At the race, I was telling people that I've been riding for a few years, or 3 to 4 years, when they asked. Now that I actually think about it, I'm actually approaching 2.5 years of riding.

        Geoff, maybe we'll both be there next year! I had a painful saddle sore zit the week before... so ended up not riding all week and it got better. Made me anxious but I also felt rested

        Here's a pic of me descending.
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          Originally posted by unicycleharry View Post
          so ended up not riding all week and it got better. Made me anxious but I also felt rested
          That's the way to do it. If you're really prepared, then that last week should be about resting. Nice job.


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            This year's is on Sep 25th. It's $80(even more than last year), but there's supposed to be bbq at the top. Anyone participating this year?

            I'll probably ride a 29er again; not sure which wave to choose. They said any wave 3 through 6 is the same since everyone is individually chip-timed.
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              I just signed up for wave 3. Last day before registration price goes up is tomorrow.


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                I'm in!

                The Mount Diablo Challenge has an official unicycle category for 2018!

                I just registered for the race, and I'm planing on riding my lightweight 29" wheel with 125mm cranks.

                Is anyone else here signed up?

                Here's a link to the race page:
                Unicycling makes things better


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                  It's a fun race. I'll be unicycling across Italy on that day though so can't make it.


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                    Unicycling makes things better


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                      I am not sure what really is the best cycle for that climb. I've done it always on 36, about 10 or 12 times. My fastest time was on 150s but I've tried 140s and even 125s but that makes the steep part SO hard.

                      In the race we typically climb it in one shot although it's hard as you get psyched and once you start passing some bikes it's hard to go slow. But you have to take advantage of the less steep parts (especially around Rock City). For me the hardest part is the climb to the Devil's Elbow - it's long and usually hot. Once you get there the last mile or so is easier but save up for that summit climb and you can usually pass a few bikes on that. On that last climb, just concentrate only on the few feet ahead of you, get in a rhythm and do not stop for anything.

                      The really fit guys who've done it get under 1:20 and the record is 1:13 still as far as I know. Justin's motor assist uni time in 2010 doesn't count of course. For me under 1:30 is a good time. I recommend just building up, and as you said, eliminate the rest stops as much as possible. Drink electrolyte stuff especially if it's hot. It's a good training ride in the winter. Most of all have fun - it's a great ride and a fun race.


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                        Thanks Nathan,

                        You mentioned three things which, I'm hoping, will help me out on race day:

                        1) better cardio fitness. Really, this climb is all about the cardio, and I'll have another month or so of training on race day.
                        2) electrolytes. I didn't have any last time and I regretted it.
                        3) Taking advantage of the less steep parts and adjusting effort/pacing to match. Having ridden the route now, I can visualize what's coming up, so I hope I'll be better at that next time.

                        I'll be ecstatic if I can break 2 hours this time around. 1h30m is about what it took me to ride back DOWN the mountain. You're a beast!

                        Thanks again!
                        Unicycling makes things better


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                          I just registered and booked my flights
                          Hope to see you all there!