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"Unicyclist" to Unicyclist - My Muni Ride.

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  • "Unicyclist" to Unicyclist - My Muni Ride.

    I've been a "unicyclist" for the last 6 months, but now i'm a real unicyclist again.

    Iím currently in the middle of my exams at uni. I had finished one exam and had 9 days until the next one so thought Iíd take the day off from studying to spend with my girlfriend. We had it all planned, movies, lunch, shopping... then she got called into work last minute and had to reschedule. But this wasnít stopping me taking the day off. I havenít ridden for about 6 months and lately Iíve been looking at my muni and been itching to go out for a spin. So I thought todayís the day! I was planning on going in the morning but it has been a bit cold lately so I slept in till lunch, had some BBQ and icecream and left.

    I was so eager to go that it wasnít till I was all padded up and riding down the road that I realised I had forgotten my riding shorts. Donít worry I wasnít starkas, I just had boardies and boxers on. After I few minutes of thinking how surprisingly comfortable everything down there was, I decided to carry on.

    Its about a 3.5km ride to the trail. The view from the top of the only road climb with Brisbane city in the background.

    Riding to the trail...

    Nearly there...

    This is my stop.

    I didnít really know where I was going to go but I thought Iíd start by riding/hiking up to channel 9.

    Hitting the dirt for the first time in 6 months.

    It felt good...

    Being away from my desk and outside muniing I was free...

    I could even taste the freedom!

    The first of a few offroad climbs. Far too steep/loose for me to ride, so...

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    Start pushing!

    Got a bit bored walking so I thought Iíd try my new ďtree rideĒ trick, still havenít perfected it and got a bit stuck.

    On my way up the hill I discovered something!...

    Arhhh thatís better.

    Still pushing...

    Mr Muni got a bit light headed from all the climbing so he rested for awhile with his feet up.

    It flattened out and I finally got a chance to ride.

    Nearly at channel 9.

    Channel 9!

    To be continued...


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      Decided Iíd have an explore of the trails on the other side of channel 9. I had seen a couple of Fire and Rescue trucks and Ambulances parked here one day when I was out for a run and had assumed a biker had got into a bit of trouble on the trails. After the first 50m I knew that must have been it. It was the longest steepest fire trail type track Iíd ever seen.

      I thought ďwhat the hell Iíll give it a goĒ and within 2m I was off and sliding 6m on my feet and backside. I looked up and saw two hikers coming my way so I knew if I got into trouble someone would be around to call the fire and rescue back. I slowly continued on, riding about 10m then purposely running myself into a tree to stop. It was steep but it was fun. I was Mr Jelly Legs by the bottom!

      I found heaps of nice tracks at the bottom of the infernal hill.

      After plodding along some nice single track I found a peaceful little stream.

      It was slowing running.

      My new desktop background!

      After 2hrs it was time to head home, that meant it was time to climb that jolly large hill... not fun.

      I heard a helicopter and was hoping it was coming to take me home so I didnít have to climb the hill... but turns out it was only a channel 9 chopper, dang!

      I found a pretty flower on the way home.

      Once I got home and had my post ride shower (surprisingly painless despite the lack of riding shorts) my girlfriend came over to take me out to see a show (the flower was also a hit ). So all in all I got to sleep in, have ice cream, go for a muni AND go out with my girl. Does it get any better? (minus remembering bike shorts)

      Location: Mt Coot-tha, Brisbane, Australia
      Distance: about 16km
      Time: 3hrs 20mins
      Rig: 2005 KH 24Ē w/ nimbus ISIS hub and moments (150ís)
      Undies colour: grey

      All you ďunicyclistsĒ out there I encourage you to get out and ride. I know it seems like a lot of effort or a long boring ride to the trails, but go for it, itís worth it!

      Have fun guys!

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        Great Write-Up and Nice Pics!

        I really enjoyed your write-up allong withthe pictures! Your write up plus a few beers or some single malt at the end is what I consider the perfect day!

        Keep your eyes on the stars and your feet on the pedals, and you will accomplish great feats!

        The Unicycling Commune


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          Ditto! Fun write-up!




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            Thanks guys. I had almost as much fun taking pictures as I did riding. But I tell you what, my quads are still aching from climbing those hills and I've had some pretty bad DOMS for the last few days. Stairs are just starting to no longer scare me.

            I just talked to my brother and turns out we're doing a team half ironman triathlon in August. I'm helping him out by doing the running leg. I haven't run in a few months but this will motivate me to get out and run, perhaps with a bit of uni cross-training

            Any resent "unicyclist" to unicyclist converts out there?


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              Can it get better? Finish the ride with a quart of chocolate milk. Mmmmm!

              Nice post and pictures. I really liked the flower one.
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