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  • I still believe that the sun has 36 teeth (as pointed out by saskatchewanian)
    and that the planet gears have 14 teeth. They don't have to have 15 teeth because of profile offset which allows the gears to have different numbers of teeth than suggested by their diameter. The ring gear has 66 teeth.
    Only the numbers of the ring gear and the sun gear determine the gear ratio
    (as already mentioned in this thread before).
    Wo is zweite Rad?


    • It's clear that only the sun and annulus are determinant in gear ratio, no question about that. Moreover, I counted more attentively the sun teeth and found you guys were right -> 36!
      In theory, the implementation used in actual KH/Schlumpf (by varying the teeth numbers) can be scaled in the (input : output) range 1:1+[0..1)
      Additionally, I would like to see more ideas on 3+ internal gear designs!
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      • Originally posted by Yeti View Post
        Ok, thanks. So we have the claims 17/11 vs. 25/16. Where did your numbers come from?
        I will send a mail to Florian Schlumpf asking for confirmation.
        Florian finally responded to my request. He confirms an annulus with 66 teeth and a sun with 36 teeth. Resulting in a ratio of 17/11.


        • Last year, Roger Davies told me that at the origin, the Schlumpf hub had 5 planet gears.

          Probably, Florian moved from 5 to 6 further to reliability concerns during the early development for both reduce the sun gear stress by the number and teeth cog offset without any change on the ratio (17/11)

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