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  • building wheels

    hey im thinking of getting a unicycle painted
    frame and rim.

    and was wondering how hard building a wheel to reasonable standard
    is and/or how much a LBS would charge??

    feedback is appreciated.


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    About $50 for labour to have the wheel built. Don't know how much the painting would cost, depends what you want - there are lots of options which will vary in price.


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      i was just wondering about building price.
      getting paint done for free hopefully.


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        If you plan on building your own wheel probably the best and most complete guide/building tutorial you can find on the internet is the one written by the late Sheldon Brown.

        Have fun
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          I bought an Indian bicycle that came with the wheels disassembled, and that was my introduction to wheel-building. It's not too hard to do, but slow if you're new at it, and not that easy to do a perfect job of it, either. One trick is figuring the proper spoke length, which I didn't have to deal with. I used an old front fork to true the wheels, and that worked okay. Peolple that are serious about this will use dial indicators for checking trueness, and will use a spoke tension gauge to get spokes to uniform tension. If you're going to be pushing the wheel to its limits, you'd want it built really well by someone that knows what they're doing. If you're a light guy and just riding around, it's not near as critical.