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    i finally got my torker lx 20 inch yesterday.
    it looks nice and was pretty easy to assemble
    now i just have to learn to ride it
    and yes this is important enough to have its own thread because im really excited about finallyy getting a unicycle
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    The Torker LX is a nice unicycle. It should last you a long time or at least until you decide to move on to something else. Congratulations.
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      Just dont take it on any big drops. ie bigger than 2 feet
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        2 feet can damage it. Its meant to be a freestyle uni (for flat ground only). However, you do as you please. Its a great uni when used properly.
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          I've got the 20" LX and it is a decent unicycle and a good value, too. Holding up fine with me after 6 months and I'm on the hefty side. Seat gets a little hard after a while.

          On learning- I started out going up and down the hall with hands on the wall- tried a chainlink backstop a time or two- then tried a bridge with bike path that gave me a long unbroken run with a handhold- that worked great. Get the seat up high to start out with. Been enjoying mine, went riding this afternoon.