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Paris Riders - Spare Unicycle?

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  • Paris Riders - Spare Unicycle?

    I'll be in Paris from March 22nd to the 29th "studying abroad" with my international class. Unfortunately, bringing a unicycle is out of the question .

    I found a thread from a while back that spoke of a group of riders that "welcomed foreigners" in Paris. If anyone knows how to contact this 'group' or would be up for some riding (and has a uni for me to borrow ), post in this thread or PM me and let me know!

    (oh and btw, I'm up for any type of riding)

    I need to ride in Paris


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    do you read french?
    there is a french forum about the meetings in Paris at and mail to the guy named "bugs" (forward me a copy if there are translation problems).
    what kind of uni would you need?
    you can borrow a cheap 20" from me but it is not good for trial/jumping (my other 20" has cranks problems for now).

    during the week end I can borrow a Muni for you if you are interested by a muni ride with our group.
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