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  • DC Uni - unicycle blog for Washington DC, Virginia, Maryland

    I have been working on keeping a blog for random unicycle rides I have done either by myself or with people in the area. The purpose is to inspire other unicyclists in the area to ride more often and to have a place to go to for good locations to ride. I will eventually be categorizing the posts into trials, muni/xc, and distance.

    I have linked a few other unicycle blogs to mine that I enjoy reading such as David Stone's, Gracie Sorbello's trip across the States, and the Ride The Lobster blog.

    Eventually the main site will be an unofficial club oriented site to try to get more people interested in unicycling in the DC area.

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    Updates to the blog:

    1) Mt Vernon Trail and Cherry Blossoms
    2) Meeting up with Gracie Sorbello for a XC/Muni ride
    3) Congress of Jugglers
    4) TV appearance

    and more.


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      Visitor unicyclist...


      I am on a short trip to Washington DC, McLean an will stay here until including Tuesday (April 22nd). I am from Romania...but still have one of my unicycles with me here - QU-AX Profi 2007 (20").

      I don't know any places or people here (except my aunt and uncle to whom I stay) so I searched on the forum for unicyclists nearby...and found you

      I took a look at your blog and I like it! Very nice! ...and hey, you have the new KH-Schlumpf geared hub!!! I'd really like to see that in person

      It would be nice to meet you in one of these days and maybe ride a little together...unfortunately my 20" wheel is kinda small for those trails but anyway...

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        Sure, I'd love to meet up. I will send a PM (private message) to you with my phone number in it. Give me a call and we can work something out.

        You could always borrow one of my unicycles and go for a ride if you wanted anything larger than a 20" wheel. I have quite a lot of unicycles now!



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          I just visited that Mt Vernon Trail and I was surprised how much unicycling there is in Washington DC. Also try the Washington & Old Dominion Trail: 45 Miles - Paved. The W&OD (pronounced "wad") is probably the best all around trail in the area. This is a rail trail between Shirlington and Purcellville, VA amd the The Custis Trail: 4 Miles - Paved. The Custis Trail runs parallel to I-66 through Arlington, VA. It connects the W&OD trail with downtown Washington DC. Both of these are some of the best trails in Washington DC.

          -- Alan


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            looking for unicyclists in Washington DC (and suburbs, esp Virginia)

            Hi all...been riding by myself here in Shirlington area, looking to meet up with other unicyclists. I'm at My favorite ride is, Bancroft Park on Four Mile Run. I highly recommend this venue for riding and esp for learning. There's a bridge over the Run that has a long (20m?) railing that's perfect for getting your balance and learning to ride. Once you're up and going, it has numerous (manageable hills, curves, and interesting areas to ride. It's (usually) not too crowded as well. While I have had a full range of unis in the past (up to 8'; I once owned a 46" big wheel too), right now I ride a 36" Coker (which I highly recommend).


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              Hi NZFilmProf,

              Welcome to the forums!

              There are a few of us who have gotten together recently to do some Muni riding around DC--at Black Hills Regional Park in Germantown and Wakefield Park in Annandale. That includes myself, kahunacohen, munimag, haskinsc, and paxuni. So if you're interested in Muni, you can probably meet up with us sometime.

              It sounds like you may be more of a road rider with your 36, which is cool too. I'm hoping to get a 29" or 36" unicycle one of these days and start doing more road riding (my only road uni right now is a 24").

              Hope to see you around