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Looking for North Dakota Unicyclists...

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  • Looking for North Dakota Unicyclists...

    Are there other North Dakota unicyclists subscribed to If so, let me know. Thanks! --carl (Grand Forks, ND)
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    Shaun Johanneson, one of the best in the world at street, lives there.
    unicycle for Christ


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      i live in manitoba but i will be going there soon


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        Just getting back into the uni seen. Should have one again in march.


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          I live in Fargo. Just moved here from Wasilla, AK. Looking for other uni riders to hang out with.


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            I will be moving to Fargo in about a month. We have quite a scene there. Me, Dallas Miller, Anna Lawler, Parker Jacobson. They live in Fargo. All range from like 17-23 in age. Shaun lives in Bismark/Mandan area but will be to Fargo alot when I come up to live.



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              Anyone from fargo want to ride today? I got stuck here overnight on a bus layover. I'm riding either way, but it would be nice fto have another person.
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                I live in ND, it'd be nice to ride with a few others when the spring thaw hits.


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                  Fargo unicyclists

                  Hey people,
                  I'm currently visiting Fargo through Wednesday, and I'm looking to rent a decent mountain or road unicycle for a day or two. Anybody here that could help me out with this dire emergency?

                  I knew I should have brought one or two of mine on the plane. I mistakenly thought the weather would be too harsh, but riding here now would be no problem...

                  My # is 678-615-0330 if anyone that has a lead could shoot me a text or call...
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