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WARNING 07 KH ISIS crank removal

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    Originally posted by Jener8or View Post
    A regular tapered tap should have enough chamfer on it that it will help line it up with the hole and clear out the first few threads (probably the only threads that got damaged.) If you have a pick or pokey tool (dart maybe) you might be able to chase the threads out with that.
    It's a lot easier on aluminum than a hardened chromoly hub spindle, but might still be worth a try...
    I had beter either get a pro to do this, or at least use the proper tool so I don't make it worse.

    I thought this was going to have my uni out of commision for a day or two as I put in new bearings etc. Now this could take longer and I have to waste time running around looking for the solution.

    My other practice uni really sucks in comparison to the KH, an old chrome learner with square taper cranks, no Q factor. I think the whole thing flexes under my weight. Definitley nowhere near as enjoyable to use.

    Eventually will have to acquire a spare equivalent uni so I can continue practicing if the other one breaks.

    Human gyroscope in training.