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How is this setup?

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  • How is this setup?

    I am going to make a new trials uni and this is what im looking at.

    This seat post
    This clamp
    This frame
    This wheelset
    This tyre.

    And i already got a kh street fusion seat and jim c pedals.

    Is that a good setup? All ip it costs $558 AUD, about $250 cheaper that a stock KH.

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    with all the stuff your buying you might an well get a complete koxx uni
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      its actually cheaper to get it seperate for some reason


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        Very nice. =p

        Koxx makes good parts, and your getting it cheaper than usuall, so its a great deal. =p
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          yer the dan heaton frame looks sweet without paint


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            Man that frame is damn sexy. in my oppinion its better than the kh for foot-on frame tricks.

            whole uni looks sweet. the great think about buying individual parts is that you dont have to do it all at once - you can buy stuff as you can afford it. if you are gonna be doing that then definately get the wheelset first!

            you live in upway huh? i am going to a party there next saturday!

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              yer i might buy them as i go but the shipping would probably cost less if i did it all in one go.