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  • Tire Cross-Section

    I'd like to know what kinds of tires everyone is using on their unicycles and
    if they have noticed any difference in handling among different ones they
    have tried.

    I am particularly interested in the cross-section of the tire--is it more of a
    round cross section or is it flatter on the bottom than on the sides? Tread
    pattern? How do you like it?

    I've tried two different tires so far: a Kenda tire with a tread pattern
    consisting of parallel ribs in the plane of the wheel and a flattish
    cross-section, and a Panaracer Unicycle HP tire with a round cross-section and a
    crosshatch tread pattern.

    I found that when the original Kenda tire wore out and I replaced it with the
    Panaracer, suddenly I couldn't do spins. Inflated to the max recommended
    pressure of 45 psi, it is so easy to twist that I had to almost relearn riding
    in a straight line. I tamed it down a little by running it about 5 psi below max
    for a wider contact patch. It's about ready to wear out now and I have a new
    Kenda tire identical to the original to put on.

    I dreamed about riding one-footed last week so I began practicing out here in
    the waking world. I think remembering the feeling of doing it in the dream state
    gave me the confidence to try it. I have managed several times to get three
    wheel revolutions before falling off, so it is coming along.

    I thought it would be a natural progression from one-footed idling to one-
    footed riding but trying to go from idling to riding takes a really big push to
    get the foot "over the top"--most times I lift myself right off the seat. I am
    concentrating on switching from two-footed to one-footed riding on the fly. The
    biggest problem is my frame has a sloping fork which doesn't give me much to
    hang my #10s from. Many times my shoe drags on the tire and causes problems.

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