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Road camber effect and tire choice - DMR Moto Digger

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  • Road camber effect and tire choice - DMR Moto Digger

    I just put a DMR Moto Digger on my 24inch uni, the idea is to have an
    all rounder good for street and cross country (not serious muni). It's
    a knobbly tire but lighter and less aggressive tread than the
    Gazz/Duro. I tried it off-road last week and it was great on trail with
    a few muddy puddles.

    I have noticed however that I get exagerated side roll when I ride
    across a camber on the street, i.e. the uni steers itself down the
    slope of the camber. It's much more noticeable than previously on a
    Duro 3 inch muni tire. It's also generally more squirelly when riding
    on the street.

    I am guessing that the effect is greater because of weaker side walls
    and maybe softer studs that produces more more flex in the tire when
    riding across a slope. I have read all the posts on why this happens
    and understand the theory so please lets not open that debate again.

    I am looking for more practical advice from anyone who has experience
    of using slick and studded tires on the same setup. Will I reduce this
    effect if fit a street tire, say a Hookworm 24x2.5, I can then swap for
    a knobbly if I plan to go off-road.

    Or should I just learn to live with it?


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    I have the same problem with my 29 x 2.35" Big Apple tire. It really hugs the camber, although I rode the 33 mile Chilly Hilly ride with it yesterday and it didn't bug me enough to make the riding harder, etc. I think a skinny tire would be good for not hugging, but then that decreases the comfortability of the ride.