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    A dog that I raised who recently passed away had an amazing command for verbal direction. Like Mikefule's friend's dog, she could be given a string of commands and follow them. Take X to so and so. etc.

    She would rapidly learn new words and was strong and excitable. Words like walk, park, ride, even spelling these words, would have to be altogether avoided or the dog would go into a frenzy that was quite frightening to those who were not familiar with her.She was a pit bull-doberman mix.

    My friend and I who shared care for her began using code, long and infrequently used words would replace common things that got the dog wound up.

    "carbeurator" meant lets take the dog to the park, for example. It ended up being a poor choice and was no help either. From then on, whenever we were working on the VWs and had to say the C word, the dog would grab my pant cuffs and try to drag me into the vehicle.

    Dogs may vary in their ability to comprehend verbal cues, and it may be more or less Pavlovian-type response, but they can use words as information on which to act, even when completely out of context.


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      Originally posted by JJuggle
      I happen to verbally abuse my cats all the time. But I do so in a tender voice.
      I do this as well, much to the chagrin of my significant other. Our son is quite a talkative little fellow and he often wakes us up when we try to sleep in past his morning feeding time... so we have a talk over breakfast.

      Jasper: *meow*
      Me: Jasper, if you're so hungry, how about I just shove a handful of kitty chow down your little throat? Would you like that?
      Jasper: *meow*
      Me: Perhaps if we starved you we wouldn't have to change the litter box quite so often, what do you think about that?
      Jasper: *meow*
      Me: You like food? How would you like to hang out inside our refrigerator for the rest of the day?
      Jasper: *meow*
      Me: If you meow again I'll twist your little kitty head until you can't meow anymore!
      Jasper: *meow* *purrrr*
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        Originally posted by Mikefule View Post
        "Avocado, banana, castanets empiricism."
        Walked into my local shop to see this display this morning.
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          Originally posted by Probailer2 View Post
          I talk to my dog too.
          Such a thread. Nothing about unicycles, but talking to your pet about unicycles maybe...

          I have a rabbit and I speak to it in Danish, even though I'm Dutch. Im sure it understands me just fine and probably thinks in Danish back to me when she's happy because I gave her crisps and cookies to eat.

          I might have mentioned a unicycle to her, as the shed where I keep them is right next to the hutch. Sadly she can't ride any.


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            Originally posted by GILD View Post
            Walked into my local shop to see this display this morning.

            Sooo...did you remember he said that nearly 15 years ago...or did you do a search?
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              Originally posted by DSchmitt View Post
              Sooo...did you remember he said that nearly 15 years ago...or did you do a search?
              Funny, I didn't notice. It was one of the latest threads at the top when I responded. Anything unicycle is still actual I guess.