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uni axle spacing?

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  • uni axle spacing?

    does anyone know the axle spacing on a uni? outboard bearing edge to outboard bearing edge?

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    what type of unicycle? if you have a look here... down the bottom it tells you flange to flange for the UDC hubs...


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      Alot of common unis are 100mm from bearing centre to bearing centre, but it varies hugely between different makes and models, 100mm is for the Kh, Onza and Koxx hubs i think. The spacing can be altered by changing the spacers each sdie of the bearings, which are present on most unicycle hubs.

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        It is safest to work with the centre of the bearings. 100mm has become the standard so the outside of the bearing is 112mm.

        The exceptions are:
        UDC Coker Wide hub which is 125.0mm
        Susue which is 91.5mm
        Old Onza hubs which is 104.5mm
        Profile is 108.0 mm
        Old Schwinn.... I think this one is 93.4mm
        Old pashely.... not sure but I know it is not 100mm

        I have drawings of the hubs on the site some where..... here is the susue:

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          icekayak, i took a look at the website and saw the flange dimensions. isnt the flange the part with the holes for spokes? i need the flange measurement to get the right size spokes but its not the bearing center to bearing center dimension i need. thanks though.

          rogeratunicycledotcom, thanks for the info. i'll go with 100. it just so happens thats the spacing for a bicycle fork. makes things easy.
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